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A month of thanks in L.A.

Posted on November 30, 2011 at 9:10 PM

My life in L.A. continues on during this November month of giving thanks for all that I'm grateful for.  So much beauty in this life that our small minds cannot conceive of it all, so we just have to be thankful for it all.  Including my new 8 meow friends I started off this month with at the tail end of my catsitting gig.

Upon returning home I agreed to give a yoga session on November 4th at a new night event in Hollywood called Grateful Fridays: Return to Abundance!  It had a good turnout and I enjoyed very much teaching my yoga in their upbeat positive night event environment.  They're a pretty new collaborative event, on week  #23 now.  I'll definitely have to attend when I can, it's got a great vibe going on for itself!

On a chocolate note, I discovered Chuao Chocolatier bars, and they are divinely delicious.  If you are a chocolate lover like I am, you must try their bars.  Either buy them at a store or buy them online from their site.  My next bar to try of theirs is the Spicy Maya bar.  Note to SoCal peeps, there are Chuao Chocolate Cafes in San Diego and Encinitas, CA, so far.

On the night of discovering their bars, November 5th, I went art viewing x3.  At Temple of Visions I saw a solo exhibit of Michael Divine's spiritually uplifting art.  He was in attendance, and on a roaming basis was answering questions about his work, influences, to those who asked.

Just about a door down Hive Gallery was having a multi-artist sculpture exhibit.  There were many types of sculpture on exhibit.  From recycled material to all natural materials used to make them.  It was like walking through another world the way they exhibited the artists art.

By accident I stumbled across and into drkrm gallery.  They had a duo photographic exhibit.  One was aesthetically pretty and pleasing to the eye.  The other was more high art and to some, less pleasing to the eye.  A juxtaposition of light and dark in a duo photo exhibit.  One other art viewer said that's they set up each exhibit, two that seemingingly oppose each other.  Though truth be told, it's all how one views the world that will determine which exhibit is beauty and which is dark.

Just like in life, what is dark, what is beauty.  Our constant search for truth.  Which lead me to reading Don Miguel Ruiz's The Four Agreements, and I highly recommend it.  The Four Agreements are ♥ Be Impeccable With Your Word ♥ Don't Take Anything Personally ♥ Don't Make Assumptions ♥ Always Do Your Best ♥ 4 Agreements ♥  Read it, I don't think you'll be disappointed!!!

I finally saw on of my favorite movie maker Pedro Almodovar's latest, The Skin I Live In.  It's truly a modern day love story with very bizarre twists and turns, and that's all I'll say, just see it!!!  I've been watching Pedro's movies like a fan girl since Atame! in the early 90's.  I always look forward to his latest and haven't missed on since Atame!

Later on November 12th I was creatively a part of Marina Abramovic's MOCA Gala 2011 dinner art performance piece. I was a self-rotating gazing head table centerpiece, like the one in this photo. I was truly a surreal piece of moving art for the evening. Though goofy me, I forgot to ask someone to take a photo of me like this! Having been on the performance art scene for decades as a performance artist, at 65 now she refers to herself as the Grandmother of Performance Art.  Though even close up she doesn't look a day over 40, and that's not due to cosmetic procedures, she just has aged really well naturally through a live well loved and lived.  As well music icon Blondie aka Deborah Harry performed live at this gala!

Inbetween that and a very long hike I'll detail below I finally finished putting acoustic music to and memorizing my 3rd song Songbirds.  I really like it, though it would be perfection with a looper that records and plays back in stagger/echo/repeat.  Soon I'll get one just for this song, and of course will I'm sure get more song mileage out of itself.

Now the long walk I'm referring to above, is the 19 mile Great Los Angeles Walk that I fully walked on Saturday, November 19th.  It's a pretty new walking event, and I believe they said has only been done a few years now.  Well I'll do it again next year if I"m around to do so!!! It was long, challenging but worth it in that I saw a good part of L.A. that I wouldn't have seen otherwise.

Thanksgiving was soon upon us all, and I chose to attend a Vegan Potluck that was happening at Rancho Park.  The weather turned out to be beautiful, as you can in the picture above.  Although I consider myself a free range organic ovo-lacto vegetarian, I had a blast.  There was lots of good food, people and it was overall a very good time.  Even the dogs enjoyed themselves!

Yesterday I rounded out this month with an Open Mic at the Cahuenga General Store in North Hollywood.  I performed my newly penned Songbirds for the first time.  The picture of me was taken by a nice fellow performer/sound guy Kyle, and I took one of him in return.  Next up is putting music to and memorizing Paper Moon, a longing of love song.

Tis' the season!  The holidays are upon us.  I started mine off with reading Anais Nin's Diary #1, the first of seven.  She is a profound and very well articulated poetical writer.  A juxtaposition to her bold and crass writing good friend and lover Henry Miller (whose books I also thoroughly enjoy reading). 

So as I read on, life moves on...and on and on...until what's behind me is gone...

~ Happy Holidays - Janice Marie Foote ~

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