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Life is taking us towards winter...

Posted on December 2, 2012 at 1:35 AM

So life is taking us towards winter...while slowly leaving autumn in its wake.  In these steps taken, I've read The Fifth Agreement by Don Miguel Ruiz and Don Jose Ruiz...and like nature to life, truths discovered by looking internally instead of externally, have weathered untruths into mere opinions. Mere opinions that when taken as solid truths by anyone without seeing all sides, can cause unnecessary discord...and we have all seen what petty discord can be turned into when not caught in time.  So watch your mind...'cause thoughts become actions!  Although actions can be apologized for, they can never be taken back, like misguided anger that can lead to displaced aggression!

As well, in early September I met and discussed teaching Open Level Hatha Yoga Classes at The Coffee Garden, that's walkable for me, which is just dandy.  I started teaching there September 16th : I teach Sunday morningss at 10-11am and Wednesday evenings at 6-7pm.  Inbetween discussing and starting I read The Secret by Rhonda Byrne.  Again another really eye opening book!  I was late to this particular book party...but enjoyed it nonetheless!  Finally I became an Insured Yoga Teacher, and I'm truly grateful for that!  I have to add that they serve delicious foods, snacks/desserts and drinks next door in The Coffee Garden.

In my spare time I've managed to view art  I like, including street art like sculptures and murals...so keep your eyes opened and cameras peeled when walking around.  Gallery wise, mostly I view art on Second Thursday Evenings at 2110 Gallery & The Sacramento Art Complex, on Final Friday Evenings at Beatnik Studios who incorporates live music later in the evening, and on Second Saturdays at various scattered galleries, in particular at Elliott Fouts Gallery. These in particular are the 3 key times to get yourself out and view new art...and have quite an enjoyable time to boot!  Should you get hungry during your art trek, there are certainly plenty of Downtown Sacramento Restaurants to eat at...and with a variety that can fulfill even the most discerning of palates. I also highly enjoy random art, such as front yard art that I come across on my bike rides around town.

On the healthier side of things.  I want to share a very prudent health tip, that can be utilized by mostly all people.  Eating citrus is excellent for overall liver health, and eating grapes is excellent for overall kidney health.  This very prudent health tip was learned from hardcore Raw Foodist Roger Bezanis.  If you want to learn more about incorporating more raw foods into your diet, or even going total raw foodist, he's the man to help guide you.  FYI you can follow his Daily Twitter Raw Food Teachings, if you'd like to get a taste of his raw food eating ways.

At the end of September I found myself reading The Master Key System by the highly esteemed Charles F. Haanel.  I'm reading it his suggested way...one chapter per week.  It seems to mentally digest at a comfortable rate, so I'm sticking to this way of reading it.  I also FB and Twit out a prudent quote from each chapter I read each week.  This book I highly recommend for anyone to read if they're looking for constructive forward moving changes in their life!

At the same time, for a more fun creative read, I'm reading The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle by the very talented writer Haruki Murakami.  I was introduced to his writing by a friend who loaned me one of his books when I was living in L.A...and wow I really do love his writing style!  On a side note, if he hasn't already, I'd like to see him write a full on erotic novel, as I think he'd write a very good one.

The begin of October saw me being a little more poetically inclined and birthing a new autumnal poem entitled Autumn Birthed (1st poem).  It is short, simple, and to the point with paganistic stylings.  My oh my, I haven't written a seasonally inspired poem in quite a while...and it was most pleasing to do so, if I must say so myself!  Must have been because my birthday was the next day.  Happy Birthday to me!

On a tasty chocolate not.  I found delicious Fair Trade CooP Alter Eco Chocolate Bars.  Their CooP grows the cacao beans and then ships them to Swiss Chocolatiers to make the actual bars and then ships the chocolate bars to San Francisco for distribution.  One thing to note, this CooP use to deal in COCA.  Now they deal in CACAO, and have profited more from the CACAO ♥ which is quite an awesome feat!  So if you're a true chocolate lover like moi, then I highly encourage you to try their chocolate bars!  As well check out other chocolatiers and chocolate makers on my Chocolate Love page.

October also saw me involved in a particapatory The Blue Trees ongoing global art project of artist Konstantin Dimopoulos.  We all, over the span of a week, painted about 20 sycamore trees blue.  All in all it was a pretty darn fun day!  On a more serious note, this art project is meant to bring attention to the VAST GLOBAL DEFORESTATION ISSUE and what can possibly be done about it in a more sustainable way!  One way is to buy sustainable forest products...whenever you can! As you can see, painting the sycamore trees along 13th street between J and K gave this Downtown Sacramento street a pretty ethereal look to it.  Some people have asked if the paint is permanent.  No it's not!  The artist, Konstantin, uses an eco-friendly, bright, ultramarine blue pigment that adheres to the bark.  Yet at the same time will be stripped away as the bark is stripped away in a span of about six months (say around next spring) leaving them in their natural state of being.

On a personal artistic note...3 artistic images that I was shot for by Ville Kansanen when I lived in L.A. finally came to full fruition...and he shared them with me.  They are a part of his Botanical Anatomy Series.  I am The Heart.  I am The Lungs.  I am The Brains.  He also mailed above image to me, it was a pre-snap to work from, for said series of his.

Seeing as I already shared a few artistic modeling images of me with the public at large...I decided to round up more over time and share them on my public flickr page.  I also post other images of whatever catches my eye as I'm out and about.  I decided to share these images with the public at large...as artistic modeling was a very crucial part of my life at one point...and I highly enjoyed doing it!

Movie swoon! I'm So Excited aka Los amantes pasajeros...which is Pedro Almodovar's next movie that is supposed to be coming out in March 2013!!!  My very first Pedro movie I saw was Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down! aka Atame!.  Since then, I've seen every one of his movies in the theater...except for 3 subsequently released ones...then a few years later I picked up where I left off at with Live Flesh aka Carne tremula.  Needless to say, I'm a huge fan of his movies!  Over the years, Pedro has won 2 Oscars: 1 as the director of the Best Foreign Language Winner for All About My Mother aka Todo sobre mi madre (1999) and 1 for Best Original Screenplay for Talk to Her aka Hable con ella (2002), along with other notable Movie Awards.  It's definitely on par with my movie crush on David Lynch -> WHO NEEDS TO MAKE A NEW MOVIE!!!  Ugh!!! his last movie was Inland Empire in 2006.

Soon Halloween came and went...as well as the Dia de los Muertos aka Day of the Dead.  It passed in mellow, which was fine by me.  Though on a less than mellow note during this time period Hurricane Sandy aka Super Storm Sandy devastatingly hit the U.S. Eastern Coast, including NYC, as well as other parts of the globe.  Massive irrepairable damage was incurred in quite a few cities, and the only choice they have is to rebuild over time, rebuild in community.

For those living in and visiting San Francisco...check out The 16th Ave Tiled Steps Project.  It looks amazing in pictures...so I can only imagine what it must look like in person.  That being said, I will see it in person!

November passed on by calmly day by day...like the leaves falling one by one from the trees. A couple of weeks in, I went up to Willows to my Great Uncle Walter's place (on my Dad's side).  Walter and my dad oversee their rice that grows in Willows. On our way up we passed this abandoned barn, and I just had to get a photo of it.

Inbetween Barack Obama was respectfully ushered into a second term as U.S. President. Take a listen to Obama's Complete Victory Speech: Obama Wins the 2012 Election ♥ Yes I voted for him!!!  As well,, I predicted that he'd win if he went for a second term, as soon as the campaigning began.  Thankfully he did take it with no doubts for recount etc...he was thee clear Presidential Winner!

Soon Thanksgiving was upon us, and I ended up going to a Thanksgiving Vegan Potluck.  I'm not Vegan, though was for years, and I love going to potlucks.  I made and brought Salt-n-Pepper Medley Rice to it.  It was delicious and was pretty much polished off by all in attendance.  As was the other dishes and desserts we all partook of.

On a medicinal cannabis chocolate note, if you have a Medical Marijuana Card aka Green Card, you must try delicious Bhang Medicinal Cannabis Chocolate Bars!  I really think you'll like them, and of course they're going to end up on my Chocolate Love page.

Sadly Dexter has only one more season left, Season 8, after this Season 7. Which is so very delicious with Dexter once again having a passionate love interest Hannah McKay, who's also a Serial Killer of a different color!   I just won't let myself miss an episode!  That being said, this season is almost coming to an end...and I am so looking forward to its seasonal cliffhanger.  I haven't been this passionate about watching a weekly tv series since the demise of Six Feet Under, which also starred Michael C. Hall. Which puts him starring in two of the best cable tv series to date!

This year also saw Cat Power put out her (next) long awaited album, Sun!  Listen to a  poignant song off said album entitled Cherokee on YouTube ♥ fyi this video was directed by Chan Marshall herself ♥ which as awesome!  If you haven't listened to any of her music, now is as a good time as any to give her a listen!  I ♥ Cat Power!  As well, check out other music artists I enjoy, that I link to from my Music Page on my site.  You just might find some new favorites.

Well on that note, I'll leave you with this quote by Joseph Campbell...a most wise one at that...“The goal of life is to make your heartbeat match the beat of the universe, to match your nature with Nature.”

~ In Gratefulness - Janice Marie Foote ~

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