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Spring ahead 2 years later...

Posted on March 30, 2017 at 11:00 PM Comments comments (175)

Well it's been about 2 years since I last blogged. When June of 2015 rolled around, I discovered Clunie's outdoor Pool at McKinley Park. Which is most perfect for Sacramento's infamous hot summer days. On the 4th of July, I did my usual fireworks over the river.

Come late July I learned how to make a perfect French Omelette via Bon Appetit's online recipe. I cook mine in Kerrygold Unsalted Butter. If you've struggled like I have with omelette making, try their recipe. I mostly like to stuff them with Green Valley Farms lactose free cream cheese or sour cream with Trader Joe's wild arugula.

In August, Sacramento's own American River Bike Trail was named in Top 10 Best Urban Trails by USA Today's Readers Choice Awards. I must say it is most worthy of that win! I tend to stick to the Sacramento Northern Bikeway part of it, entering it on C Street between 19th/20th.

In mid-August I switched out all beauty products, especially toothpastes with carrageenan in them. I would urge anyone with questionable digestive issues, to purge all carrageenan products from their diet, as well as their toothpaste. My toothpaste of choice is now EarthPaste. It has no junk ingredients, and tastes good.

September rolled in on a slow autumn note. October zoomed on by. Very soon November was at our doorstep, and I found a good recipe for simple yet savory oven baked delish homemadey plantain chips. I bake mine in TJ's Cal Estate Olive Oil and Garlic Salt in a grinder.

How quickly winter descended upon us. On New Year's Eve I saw Quentin Tarantino's badass The Hateful Eight at Tower. Surprisingly it was sold out! At midnight I ate my twelve grapes!

Wow it's 2016! On January 11th David Bowie died. I saw him live many years ago in San Francisco on his Tin Machine Tour, which I mostly went to see him perform his older songs up to his China Girl era.

I finally got to see the fab singer-songwriter Jacob Golden live at his Sol Collective show for his "crowd funded" album The Invisible Record, which I bought at the show. If you're on Spotify, look him up and give him a listen, he has such a gorgeous voice.

Late January, on a random bike ride, I rode across Richard and Annette Bloch Cancer Survivors Park lovely sculpture. The squares that they walk through metaphorically represent the different levels of cancer treatment one goes through, until they reach the other side of being cured or are in remission. Try and go see it if you can!

Early February kicked off with m5Arts collaborative and much anticipated Art Hotel 916. Of course I went, and it was absolutely awesome! It was created in Jade Apartments, a soon to be disemboweled apartments located in Downtown Sacramento.

At Davis Food Coop, I finally got a good shot of The Four Growing Seasons sculpture by Mark Rivera. It really is a sculptural gem.

On another bike ride in Davis, I came across some wild turkeys who were bandying about. I got lucky and caught two male turkeys with their feathers on full display. Maybe they were running wild and doing their leap year trot!

Spring inducing March kicked off with a Dylan LeBlanc and Anderson East live show at Harlow's. Dylan LeBlanc opened up.

Anderson East headlined, and he was a big ball of amazing energy that kept us going all night!

Bright Underbelly's massive sized mural was finally completed, and it's awesome. I only got an excerpt pic, but imo, a really good one.

Spring was finally here again, and I finally joined the 21st century technology with an LG Verizon smartphone. One of the best life decisions I made in quite a long time!

On a nice weather day, I finally got a good shot of a Sun, Earth & Honey mural in Davis.

Finally made it out to Shasta Community Park to see its fun Smarty Pants Rabbits sculpture that's housed there.

I was so stoked for Crocker's Ai Weiwei's Zodiac Heads exhibit, and it was absolutely awesome! 'Cause I'm da monkey, I got a pic of that one.

I took yet another bike ride on a cloudy spring day, and it made for a perfect skies over Tower Bridge pic.

Finally I have some of my acoustic songs/vocals only tracks up on my Soundcloud, courteous of my smartphone's recording capabilities, of all things.

One day on my way home from teaching yoga, I came across a Little Free Library on Freeport Blvd. I absolutely love them! As they're a way to share books in your neighborhood in a housed yet friendly manner.

I was so excited to go to the fun and awesome Andy Warhol exhibit at Crocker. I absolutely loved it! I made it on closing day, and it was jam packed the whole time I was there.

On a random bike ride downtown, I came across a gorgeous Take Flight metal sculpture. I wish I knew who the artist is, but even google seemed to come up empty.

One thing I've always wanted to photograph, is a sunflower field in full bloom. Little did I know that there was one in Davis. A gal who rides the same bus as me occasionally, told me about it. Also, there is at least a few rather large ones in Woodland too.

On yet another bike ride, I came across A Life Ride's sculpture along the River Walk. I love coming across random awesome sculptures.

In mid-July, I saw Vienna Teng at Harlow's. She's such a lovely and talented songstress.

When I went to see art, I also saw the most beauteous flowering tree in full bloom in front of Crocker. On a purely electronics note, my brother gave me KMASHI portable cell phone charger, and it's so practical and useful.

A Central Park in Davis, there's this Hands sculpture that I absolutely love, created by Donna Billick.

By mid-August I finally perfected my Chocolate Avocado Pudding. The recipe that works for me is -> 6 tbsp AltMilk/Milk + 2 small or 1 medium/large ripe Hass Avocado + 3 tbsp Cocoa Powder + 3 tbsp Raw Honey in blender. I prefer using Summerhill's Goat Milk, and sometimes I put a diced banana in it.

A useful aspect of IG is clicking on hashtags. This is how I discovered some urban redwoods at UC Davis Arboretum, at the end of August. Wow, they're so beautiful.

Our city kicked off September with the Sacramento Mural Festival aka SMF916. So many awesome new murals went up around the city. Hopefully this becomes a yearly event here.

Also at UC Davis Arboretum, is the lovely Lake Spafford, that I discovered on another bike ride.

Online via google, I also found and learned how to make delish homemadey Golden Milk, through a very good recipe, It's main ingredient is turmeric, which turns it a golden color. Come time to renew my DMV CA ID, thankfully I was able to do it online, instead of having to go in person to do it.

Come October, I finally went and saw Jeff Koons' Coloring Book sculpture at our new downtown Golden 1 Center. It's even more awesome in person, and I'm so glad the naysayers didn't get it stopped!

Finally the Sacramento Natural Foods Coop opened up their new location at 28/R, and it's just fab all around.

My oh my, l it's finally Presidential voting time again, and I voted for Hillary! She won the popular vote!

Though unfortunately Minority Potus Trumpster Fire won out in the end with the electoral vote. His win was heard like your own scream waking you up from a nightmare!

On a bike ride coming home, I passed by our new downtown Golden 1 Center, riding across Gale Hart's Missing the Mark sculpture. It's quite impressive in person, go see it if you haven't!

By happenstance, I got a hoarse voice for about a week. Turned out it was caused by my stuffed up nose that caused me to mouth breathe when sleeping, coupled with sleeping in dry indoor heat. I once again took to google, and I discovered miraculous Thyme Leaf Tea, which is most excellent for hoarse voice from pretty much any reason. This year Thanksgiving came and went on a very quiet note.

Mid-December I received Urban Hiker SF's "Urban Trails - San Francisco" book in the mail. It's awesome and very well laid out. If you love urban hiking in and around San Francisco, this book is most definitely for you! Alas, winter was here once again.

I was totally stoked that I spent Christmas Weekend in San Francisco. Saturday with Patricia and Mike = Minamoto Kitchoan for mochi : Dandelion Chocolate for dessert : Tartine Bakery for their famously delish Pain au Chocolat : and laste but not least, Chocolate Covered for chocolate bars. If you're a chocolate bar lover, and want to try new bars, go to Chocolate Covered, as they have different chocolate bars from around the world, as well as local ones!

Later I saw one of San Fran's famous heart sculptures. At Union Square was Tony Bennett's Hearts in SF heart sculpture.

After that I walked to the Ferry Building, and took a pic of the beautiful Bay Bridge. A cousin to its more famous Golden Gate Bridge.

Once again New Year's Eve rolled around, and it was Fireworks & 12 grapes at midnight.

Oh my, it's turned year 2017, with our backyard meyer lemon tree in full lemoning mode. Also, only 3 more years until 2020! can you believe that?

In early January there was a super foggy day, so I took a picture of lovely bare winter trees ensconced in Davis fog. It turned out rather well, if I do say so myself.

I finally went on another bike ride on the Sacramento Northern Bikeway, and took an absolutely beautiful pic of cloudy skies over the historic Union Pacific Bridge with fluffy white skies overhead, that happened to catch a perfect reflection.

Oddly enough, hidden Urban overgrowth fascinates me. In Davis near the coop, I came across some growing over a fence by the tracks, that has a row of rusted train wheels on them. Of course, I had to capture it in a picture.

On a rare sunny winter day, I took a bike ride to and through Capitol Park, and took a pic of some very lovely succulents and flowers.

January ended with National Hot Chocolate Day, and of course I partook of it. As hot chocolate is my most favorite part of winter.

Of course, my main grocery shopping continues on at TJ's. I really enjoy how they trade out certain products and have seasonal ones to boot. Though it can be frustrating when they season out a spice blend that I really like using year round, like their South African Smoke.

Mid-February I took another bike ride to the urban redwoods located at UC Davis Arboretum. This small redwood grove is absolutely beautiful.

At the end of February, I finally hit m5Arts highly anticipated Art Street 916. It certainly delivered the awesome art goods! We all hope it becomes a February yearly trend for m5Arts to have a large scale exhibit in the vein of Art Hotel 916 and Art Street 916. As they were both well loved and received.

March kicked off with a walk along the river with my brother, and then to Fat City for some delish Fried Calamari and Fries. I haven't had Fried Calamari since living in NYC!

I loved that Barack was chosen to receive the prestigious JFK Award. Coupled with a double Obama book deal. A Barack Presidential memoir, along with a book by Michelle.

Finally spring came! All the fall and winter rains helped to blossom out some beautiful flowers.

Mid-March online I came across Jay's Baking Me Crazy Fudgy Paleo Brownies recipe, and I infused it with food grade orange oil and adde hemp seeds. They turned out super delish! On another note, I found a body alkaline inducing beverage -> mix ½ tsp of baking soda with 2 tbs of organic raw apple cider vinegar in 8oz of water, to create alkaline forming environment in body. Also google turned me on to an Oh She Glows Oat Milk recipe, and it is becoming a staple in my fridge.

Of course, I'm still a bonafide chocoholic. I discovered Lulu's Chocolate at Sac Foods Coop, and really like their unroasted Vanilla Bean Bar, as well their Maca Butter Cups are to die for. In San Francisco, Patricia gave me a super delish Pump Street Bakery Sourdough & Sea Salt Bar! Midtown Sacramento Farmers Market is where I get my Puur Chocolat fix, and most recently I had their unique White Chocolate Pink Peppercorn Bar. Ginger Elizabeth Chocolates macarons & chocolates are an ongoing staple, and I picked up their delightful Tangelo Orange Blossom Preserves. Madecasse has new packaging, and when it hit the shelves, I tried their tasty Salted Almond Bar. San Francisco's deluxe Charles Chocolates Salty-Sweet Cherry Pecan Bar is one of my all time fave bars, and I get them at Andy's Candy Apothecary. This is also where I pick up my Dick Taylor Craft Chocolate bars at, and I absolutely love their Fig bar! Through Amazon, I finally got an Amedei Tuscany Toscano Blond Dark Chocolate with Peaches & Apricots Bar, oh man was it perfection! TCHO Chocolate has a fun new yummilish Gelato Mint Chip bar, that I picked up at Davis Food Coop. Alter Eco SF's Dark Chocolate Quinoa Bar has become a staple bar, it's so good and I love its quinoa crunch.

On a music note, Alela Diane paired up with Ryan Francesconi, for their beautiful Cold Moon album; they complement each other nicely. Billy Harvey came out with a new "crowd funded" Dear Danger album, that I purchased through his campaign, I really like it a lot. A fave Eliza Rickman, released her gorgeous album Footnotes for the Spring. As well, Jacob Golden "crowd funded" his album The Invisible Record, which I purchased it at his Sol Collective live show.

Yup I'm still a reading my life away. First up in this blog round for 2015 is Ancient Oceans of Central Kentucky by David Connerley Nahm. Then came Twilight Sleep by Edith Wharton. Followed with Mindset: The New Psychology of Success by Carol S. Dweck. Soon I read A Thing of Beauty by Lisa Samson. After that came Tunesmith: Inside the Art of Songwriting by Jimmy Webb, that I loved quite a lot! Then I read Inspiration: Your Ultimate Calling by Wayne Dyer. Finally read Against the Stream: A Buddhist Manual for Spiritual Revolutionaries by Noah Levine. 2016 started off with reading Stillness Speaks by Eckhart Tolle, I really enjoy his style of inspirational writing. Then came the awesome Drawing Blood by Molly Crabapple. Followed that with Professional Idiot: A Memoir by Steve-O, during the time he was dating Kat Von D. Soon after I was reading the ever so haunting Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro. I loved his writing style so much, that I read Nocturnes: Five Stories of Music by Kazuo Ishiguro next. 2017 started and still continues with me reading Deep Community: Adventures in Modern Folk Underground by Scott Alarik, coupled with Winter World: The Ingenuity of Animal Survival by Bernd Heinrich.

Thankfully good movies still abound in life. In 2015 I saw the crazy Wild Tales​ at Tower. I saw a showing of one of my all time favorite movies Cinema Paradiso at Crest. Snuck in Saint Laurent at Tower. Next I saw Spotlight at Tower. On New Year's Eve, I saw the violent yet excellent The Hateful Eight at Tower. In 2016, I saw the The Danish Girl at Davis Varsity. A unique movie Embrace of the Serpent was playing at Tower, so I decided to see it, and I was glad I did. Hank Williams biopic, I Saw the Light came out at Tower, it was a bit choppy in storytelling, as they didn't transition past to present to past very smoothly visually. That being said, at Tower, I saw biopic Miles Ahead with Don Cheadle as Miles Davis, it was filmed extremely well, and exceeded in places where Light failed. Finally for a fun movie, I saw Alice Through the Looking Glass at Davis Varsity, and it was visually stunning. Another fun movie I saw was Love and Friendship at Tower, all about the complexities of relationships and money, told with a comedic bend. Next up I saw very unique The Lobster at Tower, which I'd describe as a dystopian dark romantic comedy, and I liked it a lot, so creative and unique in its storytelling. A bit later, I saw the breakneck speed Hell or High Water at Tower. On a whim, I went and saw Moonlight at Tower, and it was more than worthy of its Golden Globes and Oscar wins, including Best Picture! Another movie I saw that I absolutely loved was Loving at Tower; if you can, view it on Netflix, or rent it. So far in 2017, I've only seen one movie at the theater, and that was Elle at Tower.

~ Life keeps moving - Janice Marie Foote ~

Spring comes back anew...

Posted on March 22, 2015 at 4:25 PM Comments comments (72)

Mellifluous spring sweetly became summer that beautifully transformed into autumn which was just a hop, a skip and a short jump from winter that became a new year... and ... Wow!!! We finally rolled on into 2015!!! Then soon, spring came back anew! Ahhhhhh the wondrous cycle of the earth's seasons are always turning, turning and turning.

As usual, here's some music, new and old that I love, and that I think you should check out and listen to, in no particular order -> Sharon Van Etten : Brianna Lea Pruett : Eliza Rickman : Agnes Obel : Pieta Brown : Broken Twin : Sylvan Esso : Olivia Chaney : Marissa Nadler : Anomie Belle : Marketa Irglova : Mariee Sioux : Imogen Heap : Eliza Carthy : Mia Doi Todd : Nick Drake and his lovely musicin' mother Molly Drake : Lindsay Clark : Sera Cahoone : Tom Brosseau : Marika Hackman. Some of these may be repeats, but recheck them anyhoos.

Yup, I'm still getting my yoga on at Yoga Seed Collective! I love this place so much. They are such a warm and inviting yoga space to do my yoga at. When I'm there, I can tell the other yogis and yoginis feel the same way. It has such a great vibe going on! Along with their regularly scheduled classes, I also enjoy their special yoga workshops, every now and again.

As I got closer to my 2nd year living near Downtown Sac, I wrote some new lyrics -> Put Away My Past -> #16 down. They're about my misgivings about my wtf landing back in Sacramento!

End of May I saw William Fitzsimmons at Harlow's in Downtown Sac. I absolutely love his music, and his voice is just beautiful. Thankfully there was a really good turnout!

For sure Trader Joe's is still my ongoing main food shopping store. I love them like I've never loved a store before! I have to say their Diner Mac 'n' Cheese is hands down the best darn frozen/packaged mac 'n' cheese ever. During the winter holidays, I always get their Triple Ginger Brew, it's so gingery kickety-kick perfect. And in Sac it's hard to find good pain au chocolat, but I was turned on to their frozen Chocolate Croissants, which come out oven baked deliciously perfect. They're also my go to emergency everyday go to chocolate fix, 'cause it's good quality and good price! Plus, they seem to always be coming out with new foods/snacks/desserts/chocolates/snacks to try.

In early June I went on a most beauteous group meet-up hike at Pt. Reyes National Seashore. We descended by trail to Arch Rock on the beach below. Such a beautiful place to go and hike around at.

Mid-June I finally made it into The California Museum to see the exhibits inside. Had quite a bit of fun! Oh how I do truly love my birth state of California.

On July 4th I went and saw the usual fireworks at the Tower Bridge. Pretty cool looking over the river!

Crocker Art Museum pretty much has been my only art viewing outlet lately. Though in July I saw a Micah Crandall Bear exhibit again at Elliott Fouts Gallery. I just love Micah's art...go check it!!!

Goodness gracious, in early July I discovered Puur Chocolat goodness made right here in Sacramento, aka Ramon & Nicole Perez. I discovered them at one of my favorite gourmet grocers around the corner from me, Taylor's Market. If you love gourmet chocolate and confections, go check them out online, you won't be disappointed! If you live in/near Sacramento, you can go to their place of business to purchase/pick-up your goods.

In mid-July I performed at an Open Mic at Fox & Goose Pub in Downtown Sac. I really like this place. At the begin of August I performed at a 2nd Open Mic at The Torch Club in Downtown Sac. I really like this place too. All in all, I only performed at two Open Mics in 2014; that being said, they were both good ones. Though in 2015 I will start doing Open Mics again, and continue on for sure with performing my music out live!

Early mid-August I saw the lovely voiced Anne-Marie Sanderson live at The Coffee Garden in Sac. So glad I did! Her music is just wonderful.

At the end of August, I finally figured out by using three different speeds in succession. So now I can make perfectly smooth healthalish smoothies in our old glass blender. Yippee yay...'cause I just love makin' my own homemadey delish dessert and healthalish fruit smoothies!

Come the begin of September, I started my 2nd year of teaching Hatha Yoga at URC at Davis. This is a real accomplishment in my yoga teaching part of life. So much movement in my teaching has been had through this gig. Speaking of yoga teaching, I put some more of my pennies to good use to continue on being an Insured Yoga Teacher.

Inbetween this and that, autumn slipped in through the cracks of summer's veneer. Ahhhhh beauteous autumn, my 2nd favorite season, only after spring. I absolutely love the changing of the leaves fall colors.

Finally at the begin of autumn, we finally got some very much needed rain. Thank goodness, 'cause droughts are no fun at all! Also don't you just love the city lights reflecting off of the rain's ground swells, so pretty.

By mid-November our tree was lemoning again. So of course I picked them for smoothies and freshly squeezed meyer lemonade.

One thing about living in Sac in the midst of autumn, is it's still warm enough for long urban bike rides. Which I did a few of.

During the Winter Holidays, Cal Expo held a most wondrous looking Global Winter Wonderland. I didn't make it this year, but next year it is a must see and do, if I'm still in Sac.

On new Year's Eve I saw Into the Woods at Tower Theatre, and then met up with a couple of friends to watch the fireworks over the Tower Bridge. It was a fun and mellow way to ring in the new year. And of course, I ate my 12 Grapes at Midnight!

I finally got myself some zip-up double bicycle Avenir Metro Panniers. They are definitely going to make my bicycle errands/shopping much easier on me and my pedal power, that it was without them. They're really quality!

In mid-January, I came to a definite conclusion that I'm either carrageenan intolerant or have a carrageenan allergy. Even after one week of eliminating all foods/drinnks/snacks/desserts containing carrageenan my digestive tract was definitely on a better digestion track. So now of course, carrageenan is permanently banned from all my dietary intake!

Again in the begin of February, we got some more much needed rain. Thank goodness, 'cause as I stated above, droughts are no fun at all! Also, don't you just love how the city lights reflect at night in the ground swells of rain.

Early mid-February I saw William Fitzsimmons live again at Harlow's in Downtown Sac. He puts on a wonderful live show, and thankfully again there was a really good turn out.

Oy vey! At the end of February, by dad almost got scammed out of nearly $400 by thee ongoing commonly known as Windows Service Center Scam, that's been running since at least 2012. They deceive you out of your contact info eg phone and email. Contact you via email and ask you to click on their webpage wherein they ask you to pay for anti-virus/anti-hacking program(s) via PayPal. Their main goal is to hack your computer so they can get your personal/private information to try and clean you out of even more money. I have to add to this that they dropped a virus into my dad's computer that almost fried it, it did fry it enough that he had to take it in for repairs! Thank goodness he did get his money back 'cause his bank recognized it as a scam plus the payment didn't go through yet. So please be aware of this ongoing malicious malware scam and advise others of it!  NOTE: PayPal is not involved in their scam, I just wanted to let you know how they mainly get payment out of those who they scam!

I saw some more new movies throughout the rest of 2014 in theatres -> Magic in the Moonlight : The Skeleton Twins : Birdman: Or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance) : Wild : Into the Woods : -> and I saw more new old movies on DirecTV -> Silver Linings Playbook : The Great Gatsby : August Osage County. In 2015 a new movie I saw in the theatre -> A Most Violent Year : -> and a new old movie I saw on DirecTV -> Maleficent.

Oh my oh my...spring has finally sprung beautifully once again. Oh dearest spring, my most favoritest season of the year. The season that releases us all from the coldest embrace of winter's arms.

Here's a laundry list of more book's that I've read -> The Tibetan Yogas of Dream and Sleep by Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche : Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert : Possible Side Effects by Augusten Burroughs : Memoirs of a Geisha by Arthur Golden : Memories of My Melancholy Whores novella by Gabriel García Márquez : Under a Glass Bell short stories by Anais Nin : Under the Tuscan Sun by Frances Mayes : Nightwood by Djuna Barnes : A Frozen Woman by Annie Ernaux: The Colossus of Maroussi by Henry Miller : Autonauts of the Cosmoroute by Julio Cortázar : Pronoia Is the Antidote for Paranoia, Revised: How the Whole World Is Conspiring to Shower You with Blessings by Rob Brezsny : Piece by Piece by/about Tori Amos : Letting Go of the Person You Used to Be: Lessons on Change, Loss, and Spiritual Transformation by by Lama Surya Das : Hopscotch, Blow Up + Other Stories by Julio Cortázar : Sing for Me by Karen Halvorsen Schreck : The Sound of Waves by Yukio Mishima : The Progress of Love short stories by Alice Munro : Fatale by Jean Patrick Manchette. Speaking of reading books, I finally picked up myself a Sacramento Library Card. Which means I'm getting the majority of my books that I read from the local library eg the nearby to me Ella K. McClatchy Library. Go Public Libraries of the world!

Delectably my sweet love for Ginger Elizabeth Chocolates continues and deepens. In fact I even now have a Pinterest Page dedicated solely to their absolute deliciousness! I absolutely love their macarons...so scrumptious they are. Oh their hot chocolates are sweetly perfect for the colder weather. I also enjoy that they started making occasional differently flavored Bouchees. Speaking of Ginger Elizabeth Chocolates, if you love them as much as I do (or even remotely close), go vote them the Best Chocolate in Sacramento on KCRA City Voter, I already did!

Oh most capricious summer, here we come to play on your shores...

~ Live, Love, Laugh - Janice Marie Foote ~

Cocoa Fudge Recipe...

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Cocoa Fudge Recipe


1 Cup - Coconut Oil

5 Tbsp - Raw Cacao Powder or Cocoa Powder

1/3 Cup - Coconut Palm Sugar

1 Tsp - Vanilla or Orange or Peppermint Extract/Oil

Optional: 1/2 Cup Slivered Almonds

Instructions: Mix & Fridge. Good for up to 5-7 days.

~ Enjoy - Janice Marie Foote ~

Been 2 years living near Downtown Sacramento...

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Wowza!!! It's been 2 years of me living near Downtown Sacramento! As usual, life has brought many changes about. Especially since I started looking and finding different and more enjoyable ways to live in Sacramento, that I hadn't thought of before, when I first came back.

Well here's my recap of all my doings and seeings since I last blogged : quite a bit ago!

As of last August, I'm a continuing Insured Hatha Yoga Teacher! Which makes me an Insured Certified Hatha Yoga Teacher. This makes me very happy! To be spending my pennies in the right places to help keep me moving onward and forward in life. This pretty much coincided with me being interviewed and hired to teach Hatha Yoga in September of last year at University Retirement Community at Davis.

I also went to my first live music performance since being back. I saw Matty Charles live with Katie Rose. They make quite the enamoring duet. I do hope they put out a cd soon : EP or LP!

Near the end of September, my favorite serial killer show Dexter sadly came to an end. He will be missed by me and a gazillion others! Still, here's my version of the start of Dexter Season 9: Dexter, Hannah and Harrison will meet up in Argentina. Soon after they will all three move to the Northwest. Where Dexter will double as a serial killing lumberjack! Just think of the new killing scenario set-ups he'd have access to as a working lumberjack. So all Dexter fanatics sign this online petition for them to bring on a Dexter - Season 9!

Oh!!! I'm so proud of myself cooking wise! I made a Tortilla de Patatas for the first time in a few years, and it came out pretty much perfect. Thankfully, since I was really looking forward to eating it.

Autumn was now upon us, and we delved into all of its leafy colorful changes.

At the end of September I went on a group haunt to the ghost town of Bodie, CA. It is located in the Bodie Hills east of the Sierra Nevada mountain range. It is one of quite a few ghost towns in the USA. It was truly interesting walking around and peering through windows to their past where time started to stand still for them many years ago before they abandoned it to the hills.

Afterwards a soak in nearby Travertine Hot Springs in Bridgeport was just perfect after haunting around there. It's a free soak to boot, so there's no reason not to stop by and take a rejuvenating soak.

In early October an Art Model flashback! An image of me -> Brains Diptych by Ville Kansanen was in Botanicals Exhibition = 10/2-26 with the Reception on 10/4 @ The Kiernan Gallery.

Alas, my birthday came, and saw me turning 45. I celebrated deliciously with a delectable Birthday Lunch at Ciocolat in Davis that consisted of Mango Mousse Cake & Ghirardelli Hot Chocolate. I discovered Ciocolat, a veritable cornucopia of sweet delish desserts, via teaching yoga at URC.

Near the begin of October saw me start teaching Chair Yoga Classes at University Retirement Community at Davis.

Thankfully after using the Sacramento Light Rail a bit more, I discovered quickly that it works quite decently during regular working hours, as well as decently in the evening hours. Thank goodness!

Early November in Davis I discovered Davis Food Co-op in person. They have a wide variety of food/drink/desserts/chocolate/snacks across the board. Along with a produce department I fell in love with.

Mid-November I went on a Lake Berryessa group hike. We had a Ranger guided tour style hike, and he was very knowledgeable about all the aspects in this area : nature and human wise! I so want to come back here for a late spring/early summer hike! As I know it will be so green and vastly beautiful with wildflowers.

Also in mid-November I went on a group walk through Old Sacramento Underground Tour. Unfortunately we were not able to take photos on the tour underground! Though trust me, it's a really good Old Sacramento walking tour that I highly recommend!

Well the festive holidays came and went on a calm mellow note for me.  First up was Thanksgiving. I started it off with a Thanksgivukkah Brunch. Then later that evening, I rolled over to a Vegetarian Potluck that had an abundance of delicious food and drink that I was truly grateful for.

On the Winter Solstice I celebrated it at a Secret Dining dinner. The Hostess cooked the bulk of the meal/provided the bulk of the drink, and us guests accented it with food/drink/snacks that we brought. I brought a tub of Taylor Market's delectable chocolate covered almonds & caramels, which everyone ate heartily, including me.

Sah-weet!!! Inbetween Christmas and New Year's Eve/Day I went on an awesome trip to Joshua Tree National Park with a really good friend! Its awesome desert terrain is like being on another planet! We stayed 4 days very close to Joshua Tree National Park at a sweet vacation house that he found on airbnb.

How I was mystified by how the Joshua Trees appeared to be silhouettes dancing in the moonlight after the sun disappears into the sky.

I rang in my new year wishes pretty simply at home with 12 grapes of luck at midnight! A Spanish tradition years ago I adapted into my New Year's Eve rituals.

The new year finally came and I found myself still enjoying stretching myself out with yoga at Yoga Seed Collective. Next door to it is Shine Cafe, who under new ownership, has for me at least become more enjoyable to stop in from time to time after my yoga class.

During this time, I came across more new music online. Some found through For Folk's Sake - a site that keeps up mostly on emerging and established folk, roots and country music acts; and others were found through facebook music pages I already liked! Sumie - Show Talked WindowsCoeur de Pirate - Flume : Pantaleimon - If I (Was) : Marika Hackman - Bath is Black : Josienne Clarke & Ben Walker - Fire and Fortune : Sophie Jamieson - Waterloo : Diane Cluck - Sara : Daughter - Youth : Sera Cahoone - Nervous Wreck : Josephine Foster - My Wandering Heart : Victor HerreroAvellaneda : Hooray Matinee = Jim Bianco / Petra Haden - Tambourine : Kine Hjeldnes - Undress : Chrysta Bell - Real LoveLinda Perhacs - Prisms of Glass : Sibylle Baier - Tonight : Molly Drake - I Remember. When you have some down time, click on the links and discover yourself some new music! Who knows, you may just like it.

In the somewhat early part of January, I went on a group hike to the beautiful Angel Island State Park via ferry to/from the quaint town of Tiburon. After a day of hiking around Angel Island, grab a meal afterwards in Tiburon, as there's plenty enough restaurants to choose from. I'd like to come back in the spring/summer to see its flora and fauna in full bloom.

Of course, my chocolate love obsession lives on! With my two favorite places to get my more decadent chocofix at Ginger Elizabeth Chocolates and Taylor's Market. As for my everyday chocofix, it's supplied by Trader Joe's on Folsom Blvd. (between 50th & 51st Streets) with their chocolate covered anythings.

Oh yeah! Nearing the end of January I Megabus-ed it to San Francisco. It was only about $19 round trip. Their buses are quite nice and very comfy. Their S.F. stop is conveniently located right outside of the Caltrain Station at 4th & King Streets. It was so great a feeling to be back tromping around my most favoritest city in the U.S.A. and possibly the world. I always feel so free here on all levels. So of course I'll be visiting on at least a semi-regular basis (via Megabus). Hallelujah to that!

I went on a delicious TCHO Chocolate Factory Tour. They call themselves New American Chocolate, and every flavor I sampled was top quality! They really know how to make good chocolate! Their located on Pier 17 along the Embarcadero Center by the Ferry Building. Here's a map of The Piers, check it. You'll see there's plenty to do either before or after your chocolate factory tour.

I bought myself two delectably delicious chocolate bars at Chocolate Covered in Noe Valley - an international chocolate boutique. One of them was a delicious bean to bar camel milk bar made by Al Nassma. They fabulously cull and sell the finest chocolate bars/chocolates from all four corners of the world! If you truly consider yourself a bonafide chocoholic, you must stop here when in S.F. I promise that you will not be disappointed!

Right before I headed back to Megabus I stopped by The Rex Arms where I lived in the early 90's...ahhhhhhh the mostly good memories that brought back! It was pretty centrally located with access to public transportation almost right outside its doorstep. I really did love living in S.F.! and it's good to be at least living nearby it.

The begin of February I went on a Tomales Point at Point Reyes National Seashore group hike. It was such a beautiful hike. Along the ocean hikes are my favorite hikes.

Oh yeah! in February at The Fifth String Music Store I took up guitar lessons to get myself in playing shape and to move forward more creatively in putting acoustic music to my lyrics.  It is definitely helping and I'm making definite progress! As well, I'm definitely hitting the guitar practicing quite a bit more...which definitely helps in the most definite ways!

Early February, thanks to a friend/cleaning client, I discovered Midtown Sacramento Grocery Outlet. There are so many great $$$ deals on food, drink, snacks, chocolate, beauty and household products. Also great $$$ deals on items that come in as a one time special. Which is why it's a great store to pop in at any time of the week, as you'll always find something you actually need and can use. I stop in at least once a week, especially since I know they'll have some good chocolate to nom on my bike ride home.

On Valentine's Day I picked me up some Ginger Elizabeth Chocolates sweetalish chocolates & macarons. Everything they make is top notch sweet deliciousness. I like to say, I came for the chocolates and stayed for the macarons!

Mid-February I went on an Alamere Falls group hike. This time I took the longer hike trail down, which included a nice walk along the ocean. Finally I got to view the waterfalls in their full falling glory. They are so beautiful! As well, they are one of the relatively few waterfalls around the world that empty directly into an ocean.

The northern coastal views are breathtaking!

Nearing the end of February, I finally got my Sivananda Yoga Teacher Training Certificate in the mail...as my original one was lost in a previous move!!! I'm really glad to have it in my possession once again.

I've read quite a few more books to boot! Quiet Days in Clichy by Henry Miller - a good read that's not as known as some of his others : The Voice of Knowledge: A Practical Guide to Inner Peace by Don Miguel Ruiz - has great advice on getting out of your own way : Paris, My Sweet: A Year in the City of Light (and Dark Chocolate) by Amy Thomas - makes me want to visit the lovely city of Paris, and I discovered a few new chocolatiers through this book including Bernachon Chocolate : SongMan: A Melodic Adventure, or, My Single-Minded Approach to Songwriting by Will Hodgkinson - a fun read on stumbling and fumbling around to match lyrics and music worthy of playing live and recording at some point : Zen Guitar by Philip Toshio Sudo - a somewhat wiser way to look at being a guitarist/musician in general : The Diary of Anaïs Nin, Vol. 6: 1955-1966 by Anais Nin - her life continuing through some of her later years in life : Stand Still Like the Hummingbird by Henry Miller - another lesser known one by him, but definitely a good read : The Botany of Desire: A Plant's-Eye View of the World by Michael Pollan - this is a must read for food lovers : An Artist of the Floating World by Kazuo Ishiguro - a truly surreal read, need to read more by him : The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace D. Wattles - don't be fooled by the title, it's about more than making a lot of money in life : It's Not About the Tapas: A Spanish Adventure on Two Wheels by Polly Evans - this was a truly fun travel read : Slaughterhouse Five by Kurt Vonnegut - read it 'cause it was recommended, and it was a trip of a read : Collected Stories by Gabriel García Márquez - his writing is beautifully poetic, and I must read more of his too : The Art of Practicing: A Guide to Making Music from the Heart by Madeline Bruser - gives great tips and sound advice on getting your butt into practice mode especially when we don't want to, and we all have those moments : Seeds by Thomas Merton - his words are peacefully calming : The Malady of Death novella by Marguerite Duras - I just love her  writing style : Nine and a Half Weeks: A Memoir of a Love Affair by alias Elizabeth McNeill aka Ingeborg Day which is her real name - definitely better than the movie, though I must admit I enjoyed watching the movie : Hiroshima Mon Amour by Marguerite Duras : one of her best : Smara the Forbidden City by Michel Vieuchange - a good story, albeit written a little flatly, as it was written by his brother, as he died during his travels : Solo: Women Singer-Songwriters in Their Own Words by Emma Dodge Hanson - it's great to read a book that's dedicated to female singer-songwriters : Songwriters On Songwriting: Revised And Expanded by Paul Zollo - which was a very long read at over 700 pages, though it was well worth the read : The Diary of Anais Nin, Vol. 7: 1966-1974 by Anais Nin - this diary brings us to her final living years, and  it finally finishes me up with her Diary Volumes 1-7.

At the begin of March I saw Tom Brosseau live at a Sacramento House Concert aka The Bungalow. It was put on by Third Space Davis as a satellite show. What a super show it was! At it I discovered the very lovely music of Diane Cluck, who also performed live that evening.

Mid-March I went on a group walk in Davis that passed through The UC Davis Arboretum and the California Raptor Center. It was really nice to see other parts of Davis, seeing as I teach yoga there three days a week.

Nearing the end of March I hopped on the light rail with my bike and headed out to cruise around  Historic Folsom on my bike. In town I discovered We Olive Folsom. They are a true foodies delectable savory delight to find California Extra Virgin Olive oils (always board certified), Aged Balsamic, Flavored Vinegars and other Gourmet products from California and around the world at. Plus you can sample their products; and if they're selling them when you stop in, buy one of their blood orange brownies 'cause they're that sweet delish. 

Very quickly, and fueled by a blood orange brownie, I rolled across their adjacent City of Folsom Bike Trails. Which I took quite a nice scenic bike ride down. I will surely return to take a much longer one.

Somewhere in the midst of living life, I discovered a too addicting online game = 2048!!! Yes I've made it beyond the 2048!!!

Early April I took another sweet bike ride on the Sacramento Northern Bikeway. I enter in Downtown Sacramento on C Street between19th and 20th Streets. It's an an urban bike route that connects Downtown Sacramento, Del Paso Heights, and Rio Linda. Its super great 'cause you can ride for miles and miles on paved with no cars to get in the way. Which means you can cycle as fast as you can. So fun!

During the mid-early part of April, I started moonlighting as a Voluptuary. Though by mid-April, and fueled by chocolate, I got my taxes done and sent off in time!

I also saw some really good movies in the actual theater over the course of these many past months. 12 Years a Slave - a brutal yet moving movie : Dallas Buyers Club - well acted by all, including Matthew McConaughey who prepared for his role by going on a special "lose a lot of weight diet" in which he could remain healthy : Kill Your Darlings - dark, disturbing and good : American Hustle - more than just a flash and jazz movie with an excellent ending : Inside Llewyn Davis - quite enjoyable, though the orange tabby cat Ulysses definitely stole some of Llewyn's acting thunder : The Grand Budapest Hotel - what a great movie visually and storytelling wise : Under Their Skin - dark, disturbing, strange, unpredictable with minimal dialogue to its benefit. All these movies I saw at The Tower Theatre Sacramento, 'cause it's just about around the corner from me, and most importantly, it shows the movies I'm really wanting to see.

I continue going out to mostly the same art outings at the same galleries and museums. Crocker Art Museum's Second Thursday and their 3rd Sunday Pay What You Wish. Second Saturday Art Walk in and around Downtown Sacramento. At which I pretty much go to the same 8 art galleries. Union Hall Gallery - K @ 22nd : Gallery 2110 | Sacramento Art Complex - K @ 21st : Alex Bult Gallery - 21st @ K : Viewpoint Photographic Art Center - J @ 20th : Kennedy Gallery Art Center - L @ 19/20th : Elliott Fouts Gallery - 9th @ P : Arthouse Gallery & Studios - 10th & R : E Street Gallery & Studios - E @ 11/12th.

Swoon...spring is now just an airy breath away from summer...and the beauteous flowers are blooming out all around us! Make sure to stop and smell them and enjoy their beauty.

~ Dive In and Live - Janice Marie Foote ~


I'm giving Yoga Sessions at University Retirement Community in Davis...

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Starting today, September 9, 2013, I'm giving Yoga Sessions on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9-10am at University Retirement Community in Davis :)

~ Namaste - Jan aka Jan's Yoga ~

The summering of life...

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This summer has been chock full of fun, laughter, enjoyment, hiking, nature, chocolate and music!  Of course it has had its challenges and obstacles...but my overcoming them in more constructive ways than in the pas has helped make this summer one of the best that I've had in many many many moons.

New music has continued to pass through my eyes and ears.  Watch Emika's darkly stunning video for her song Centuries off her latest DVA.  Alela Diane released a gorgeously filmed video for her About Farewell song off her About Farewell album.  Although I had already heard of, I only recently took a listen to Alina Hardin's music via her most recent Edens album, it's quite lovely and I truly like.  Wowza!!! Some true music backflash...Mazzy Star has a new song California off her Seasons of Your Day album. Oh Seabear does make me swoon when I hear I'll Build You a Fire from We Built a Fire.  A new music find for me was Aoife O'Donovan...here's her performing live Beekeeper.  Sweet music awesomesauce...Fiona Apple teamed up with Paul Thomas Anderson and they collaboratively created/released Hot Knife via video!!!  A long time fave, Devon Sproule put out a new song You Can't Help It.  A new music find, James Newton Chadwick via his pensive song 3amPieta Brown & Lucie Thorne duoed up for LOVE OVER GOLD...here's their sweet song Coming Up Crimson off their album Fall To Rise.  I'm always happy to hear a new song by Simone White (including unrecorded ones)...here's her intimately singing her beautifully tender song Rain.

Dexter watching continued on with me smack dab in the middle of Season 7.  This season packed a surprise of Dexter turning in Hannah to save his sister Debra!  Though thankfully she managed to escape the long arm of the law and out into the void of nowhereland, for now.  At the end of June, Season 8 began.  It was the beginning of the end, as this is the final season of Dexter!  For me I have enjoyed season 8 thus far, with its unexpected twists and turns...as well I was glad to see Hannah return to Dexter-land!

My art viewing continues on.  With my mainstays of Crocker Art Museum's 3rd Sunday Pay-As-You-Wish and Downtown Sacramento's Second Saturday Art Walk (albeit this art walk does extend beyond Downtown Sacramento).  At one of my more recent Crocker visits I discovered Tino Rodriguez surreal art.  On a later date at Crocker, I saw an exquisite Origami Exhibit -> Folding Paper: The Infinite Possibilities of Origami -> so Sacramento fold yourselves up and get yourselves down to see it before folds itself away!

Mid-June I saw Before Midnight the first weekend of its release.  It was good...verbose but highly enjoyable.  In fact their verbosity is what carries most of this movie from begin to end.  Though with such a beautiful filming location, I did wish they would have been outside a little more.  Oh well, I'll just have to see Greece in person...as I've always wanted to vacation there.

Then a few days before the Summer Solstice...a visibly bright sun halo formed around the sun.  It was amazing!  What a brilliant celestial marking for the very soon to be begin of summer.

Nearer to the end of June I took a relaxing bike ride on the beauteous and uncluttered Sacramento Northern Bikeway.  I rode for miles out and turned around and came back when my legs dictated me to do so.

This time of the year also marked me being back in California for 3 years!  Oh my...California swoon!  Strangely enough, I only feel like I've truly just started living my California life with the begin of this spring/summer. Two of these years have been near to Downtown Sacramento.

Fantastically, one of my favorite stores here, the Sacramento Natural Foods Coop turned 40!  I'm really happy that they survived all their ups and downs that can be thrown at any business.  In fact, not only have they survived, they have happily thrived and in the not-so-far future are relocating to a new location that will be more cohesive to the running of their store.  It will also have much better bike parking than at their current location.

Oh summer, you do swoon us so with all your lovely flowers...nature's sweet kisses of color!

On a pragmatic note, at the end of June, I started reading The Complete Singer Songwriter: A Troubadour's Guide to Writing, Performing, Recording & Business by Jeffrey Pepper Rodgers....it was a very beneficial read.  I also read  The Art of the Soloperformer by Steve Rapson...it was also a very beneficial read.  I'm truly glad I took the time to read both of them...and I am fruitfully keeping them for future reference.

On July 4th, I managed to bike out to the Sacramento River and watch the fireworks.  It was a short but sweet fireworks display!

I've also been playing Lumosity brain games for a bit of time now.  I really like them...and am quite the everyday addict of them.  As well my BPI keeps going up with regular playing of them!

Mid-July I went on a group hike to the beauteous Calaveras Big Tree State Park.  We saw many majestic Sequoias. up close and personal.

It did give me great joy to be able to climb inside of several of them!

At the end of July I group hiked the beauteous Alamere Falls at Point Reyes National Seashore via the Palomarin Trailhead in Bolinas, CA. I had such an amazing time at this hike...for it was one of my favorite hikes to date!

Oh my!!! Movielicious time...the begin of August kicked off with seeing Pedro Almodovar's latest movie I'm So Excited.  It saw him returning to his more campier roots...and I enjoyed it immensely!  It was truly a fun movie ride.  So if you're a true Almodovar movie fan like I am, I highly suggest you seeing it!

Later in August, from earth, we saw the awesome Perseid Meteor Shower (it took place on the weekend of August 10-13th).  I didn't see much from here in Sacramento, but still it was awesome knowing it took place!

Total hIke swoon!!! Mid-August I went on what is now my truly favoritest group hike to date = Big Sur!!!  My friend said I'd love it there, and he was totally right.

My favorite spot along our hike I nicknamed Paradise Cove. McWay Falls empties directly into the ocean. It is located in Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park and it is one of the two waterfalls in California that do empty into an ocean. One can hike McWay Waterfall Trail down to the beach to view it in its full glory! This is a hike I will return to Big Sur to do! The energy there is off the hook totes amazeballs!!!

Late Mid-August I finally perfected my cheesy spicy Yukon Gold Latkes via a recipe I found online.  I prefer to fry mine in oil and add a dollop of Daisy Sour Cream on each one.  Three is the perfect meal amount for me.

Near the end of August, I finally started reading The Diary of Anais Nin, Vol. 5: 1947-1955.  Although I have read her poetic novels and short story collections, her diaries are my favorite writings of her.  After this diary, I'll have Diary 6 & 7 left to read.

I also found myself taking more idyllic bike rides on the Sacramento Northern Bikeway.  It truly is an urban bikeway sanctuary for all bicyclists to be had. I especially enjoy the sections that side by the river.

Oh...the end of August will tomorrow bring to us the begin of September...which will gradually take us to the begin of autumn.

~ To Life - Janice Marie Foote ~


I'm a (continued) Insured (Certified) Yoga Teacher!!!

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Sweet!!! I saved my pennies and I'm a (continued) Insured (Certified) Yoga Teacher :)

~ Namaste - Jan's Yoga aka Jan ~

1 year living near Downtown Sacramento...

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So I've now been living 1 year near Downtown Sacramento! IMO living in/nearby Downtown Sacramento is the best part of Sacramento to live in. You're close to the best art galleries, food stores and restaurants : also you're very close to the Sacramento River and Old Sacramento. I personally think it's the only sane place in Sacramento to live : whether you drive or not!

Most of my life I haven't been a big tv watcher, but Friday night tv was never as exciting as the weekly Friday night Dexter Dextravaganza : which continued on with the conclusion of Season 5 : swam through Season 6 : and started Season 7 = the season of Dexter and Hannah!  Thank greatness Season 8 Hannah is back : for another round with Dexter : and to taunt and spar on with Debra = her nemesis!

Always new music abounds. Arborea created/released a stunning video for Pale Horse Phantasm off their latest Fortress of the Sun : plus here's Rider, a song off same album.  Go watch Camera Obscura's Fifth In line To the Throne off of their latest Desire Lines.  Swoon : Sasha Dobson's sensual video/song Full Moon off her latest offering Aquarius.  Go now and watch Pantaleimon's gorgeous If (I Was) off of their The Butterfly Ate The Pearl : more of their music here.  I was happy to see that Matty Charles did a video for his song When They're Cold off his 2012 release Back at Your Door.  OMG -> Holy Collab : Lykke Li + David Lynch -> I'm Waiting Here = bonus track off of David's 2nd album The Big Dream!!!  I finally got around to giving a listen to Alina Hardin and I like what I hear : go give a listen to her This Life song that she released in 2012 : if you like singer-songwriter fare, I do think you'll enjoy her music.

In the middle of May, I finally got a new used bike.  A pretty much perfect fitting orange Iron Horse Anzer Peak.  It's 21 speed and has anti-thorn tubes (with 2 spare back-ups).  I bought it at This 'n' That Thrift & Gift around the corner from me on 21st close to Broadway.  Getting around is so much easier now!!! YooHoo!!!  For cheaper on Amazon I bought me a Kryptonite Kryptolok Series 2 U-Lock with 4' Cable : and signed up free for their Key Safe Program and their Anti-Theft Protection Plan for $10 =1year/$1,500 bike protection.  I feel that my awareness of being on the road with cars and people is training for me driving a car, sooner than not, which would help my life move forward immensely.

Via my bike, I finally made it out to McKinley Park. It's quite a lovely park with a homemadey pond. It's the perfect little park for a picnic jaunt...or to hang out and chill with family and friends.

Sweet!!! Trader Joe's (located at Folsom/50th) is back in my food shopping buys : thanks to my bike.  My first purchase was their Lobster Raviolis and they were savory delish.  I'm looking forward to incorporating TJ's food and drink purchases back into my life.  They have such good food/drink at very reasonable prices!  Doubly sweet, is Trader Joe's Dark Chocolate Bar Coconut Caramel 70 is delicious = one of their newest chocolate bars = try it bonafide chocoholics 'cause I think you'll like it!  I have to add that Trader Joe's Organic Black Bean, Lentil Vegetable and Split Pea Soups are savory delish = no sugar and a much better price than Amy's!!!

After a few months of no go : via my bike, I finally made it back to Crocker Art Museum for some art viewing : on their 3rd Sunday Pay-As-You-Wish. Their art is quality and always worth the time! On a side note, I only went here once growing up, and that was on a school field trip.

On same day, I also took a quicky bike jaunt over the nearby Tower Bridge and back.  It crosses over the beautiful Sacramento River.

Oh yeah, the shenanigans of Mad Men (and Women) continues on! I really enjoy watching this show!  Though since I'm the only one in my house who enjoys it, I DirectTV record it and watch it later : I don't want to miss it  'cause it's too good!

In Sacramento, one thing that's quite hard to believe, is that the Sacramento Light Rail has not improved much since the '90s.  It has such potential to make Sacramento a greener city public transportation wise : which makes it a shame that it's so underutilized!!!  It also doesn't hold very good hours compared ot other big city's PT rail systems.

Streeeeeeetch!!! During most of May I took Free Friday yoga classes at It's All Yoga : which was part of their teachers-in-training Yoga Teacher Training program.  It's at 21st and X right near Broadway.  If you live nearby, check it out : it's a quality yoga studio to stretch it out in.

Near  the end of May via the Sacramento Northern Bikeway I rode to Discovery Park.  This bikeway goes many miles in differing directions.  Their Downtown Sacramento entrance is on C Street between 19th and 20th.  It connects Downtown, Del Paso Heights, and Rio Linda.  So if you're looking for a spot to bike long distances without car traffic, pull out your bike and pedal on!

Discovery Park is at the confluence of the American River and Sacramento River.  I remember going to this park while growing up in Sacramento : it's quite a fun spot to cool off at in the summertime.  As well, it's merely a quick jump to Old Sacramento to go and get your eats on after an enjoyable day at the river.

Another sweet bike ride at the end of May took me to Miller Park. The Sacramento River runs along this park as well.  It's very calm here and not too far away. Though I don't remember going to this park while growing up in Sacramento. I accessed it by taking Broadway all the way almost straight into it.

Bookwise, I read Practicing Peace in Times of War by Pema Chodron.  She has quite a lot to say on staying calm in the midst of chaos.  I will definitely read more by her.

After reading her book, I finally started reading No Man Is and Island by Thomas Merton.  I do feel so peaceful when I'm reading his words. So of course, I'll read more by him too.

In the begin of June, via a friend's tasty tip, I discovered Devine Gelateria & Cafe, who has super delish gelato.  I had a triple Cuban Chocolate, Ricotta Honey Fig, Roasted Almond gelato.  I'll definitely be going back there.  FYI they have more than gelato!

Man oh man, I may not be Jewish, but I do love me some good Jewish food!  Once again I made me some cheesy spiced Latkes fried in olive oil and topped with copious amounts of Daisy Sour Cream for brunch.

My bike also makes possible Sacramento Natural Foods Coop First Friday of every month = Anti-Depression Fridays = 10% off purchase = oh yeah!!!  This round, I discovered Madecasse's African Cinnamon & Sakay Chocolate Bar on this particular day.  Hey bonafide chocoholics = you will like their chocolate bars!!!  FYI on June 22, 2013 from 12-4pm, the Sacramento Natural Foods Coop is celebrating 40 years of doing good business (at their new location of 28th & R Street). Be there or be rectangular!

Yes! I finally made it again to Second Saturday for some art viewing. I went to the usual six.  At 21Ten Gallery & The Sacramento Art Complex, I came across a gorgeous sculpture The Embodiment of the Hour by sculpture artist Eric Affonso (pictured above).  At same place, I discovered Chunhong Chang's stunning art = she merges east and west fine art painting traditions.  Later at Elliot Fouts Gallery I discovered Christopher Stott's art = realist oil paintings = his attention to detail is outstanding!

Oh my sweet bejeebus!!! I forgot how delectably delicious Calimyrna Figs were! They are now my go to figs over Black Mission Figs (or I'll alternate). Their sweetness literally melts in your mouth.

Moviewise, I've been wanting to see and I finally saw City of Men - 2007.  It's a really good movie!  Despite the misconception, City of Men is not a sequel to City of God.  City of God - 2002 movie was adapted for the big screen via Paulo Lins' 1997 City of God novel.  Whereas the City of Men movie was based on the City of Men tv series.  If you like one of them : there's a good chance you'll like both!

Now that summer is almost upon us...it's time to break out more fun!!!

~ Keep on Enjoyin' Life - Janice Marie Foote ~

Spring flowers on...

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Spring flowers on...

I started the month of April off reading Think & Grow Rich by the wise and astute Napoleon Hill.  I highly recommend this book  to anyone looking to move forward constructively in their lives, and adopting lifelong habits to stay on course with.  As we all know, it's easier to get ourselves on course than it is to stay on course, and it can be even more difficult to get back on course.

At last I finally took my annual typing test : I now type 77 wpm with only 1 error.  This is very good!!!  This can be mostly chalked up to the ever increasing online world integrated into my everyday living.  Otherwise without regular computer use, my typing speed would undoubtedly decrease, seeing as my usual indie jobs typically don't require much typing.

Sweet beauty began the early part of April as we saw the cherry blossoms bloom out.  They are so very very very beautiful!  So one day I must go to Washington D.C. and to Japan for their respective Cherry Blossom Festivals.  Though there is one a bit closer in San Francisco that I'd like to attend next year, as I do love cherry blossoms beauty so very very much!

As usual, new music abounds!  Go listen to Emily Wells song Los Angeles on NPR off her Mama Acoustic Recordings album.  Sweet sweet Cat Power, one of my all time faves, released a new video to her song Manhattan off of her latest album Sun.  Oh my, Elin Palmer's song Paint off her album Postcard is quite gorgeous.  On my back home drive from a Stinson Beach group hike, I discovered the fantastically mostly upbeat music of Oh Land : here's their utterly fantastic song Human, my fave so far!  Iron and Wine's wonderful song Joy off their latest album Ghost on Ghost was put to video.  I newly discovered Pantaleimon's utterly beautiful music : here's their gorgeous song Another World.  Watch the lovely Marissa Nadler's haunting live performance of Salutations at Belfast Free Range Music Festival 2013 in Maine.  Oh love o go listen to Sealight's gorgeous song I Am off of Commission 45's Spring 2013 Label Sampler.

This was also the month that Mad Men Season 6 kicked off.  I enjoy watching this show immensely!  It's well acted.  Well dressed.  Exquisitely filmed.  With emotional nuances expressed between characters, sometimes just with slight facial expressions or hand gestures that speak volumes, even without dialogue.  Mad Men also led me to Elle King's music via a song in a Mad Men tv ad, which led me to Good to be a Man : she's quite the unique singer.

Oh! Fear not Dexter fans of old and new, for we can get a 4 hour Dextravaganza fix every Friday on Showtime.  So far I've re-seen Season 4 and the starting of Season 5 = the season of Lumen and Dexter.  Dexter's next love interest after the passing of his true love Rita.

If you enjoy scultpure in its many forms, check out Sam Jinks' hyperreal sculptures.  I discovered his sculpture art through a fast becoming favorite of mine art magazine Hi-Fructose Magazine.  His human sculptures are so scary real that you'll think you're looking at real people!  I wonder if they also feel human to the touch?  Hopefully one day I'll see them in person to find out for myself.

Sweetalicious!  My love of Black Mission Figs has been reborn.  I started eating them again on a regular basis, seeing as I do like sweets, but want to cut way back on white sugar intake...and my oh my these do the trick!  I buy them in a circle pack that has enough for about 5 servings.

As well the sweetest dates of all, Medjool Dates, have been reborn back into my food diet.  They sell them in bulk at Raley's, where I mostly shop due to their pretty well balanced selection of food and drink items.  Hmmm...seeing as Raley's has all the ingredients I need, including unsweetened coconut, I'm going to indulge and make me some homemadey Coconut Date Nut Rolls!

I also discovered Follow Your Heart's vegan cream cheese and sour cream.  I prefer them over Tofutti's as FYH tastes more like the real deal.  Mainly because FYH uses Agave Syrup as a sweetener balance vs. Tofutti using Organic Sugar as a sweetener balance.  The Organic Sugar overpowers the other flavors imo vs. Agave Syrup blends in to balance out the flavors.  I'm not surprised though, since I've been a long time fan of their Vegenaise, especially FYH's Grapeseed Vegenaise.  Which brings me back again to my same question: Why is the health food movement emulating by adding sugar to foods (even if it's organic) instead of innovating!

Just in time for my pending hike I found delicious Clif Kit's Organic Whole Food Bars which contain no sugar whatsoever.  Another win in my no sugar, organic or not, continued way of eating and drinking!  I highly recommend these bars to any avid hiker (urban or nature),or for  on the go snacks, or glove compartment tide-me-overs.

Mid-April saw me going on a group hike to Stinson Beach in the Bay Area

It felt so good to be at and walk into the ocean.  All five elements coalesce at the ocean = earth, air,  fire, water, spirit!  I felt so rejuvenated just being there!  I do love the Bay Area!  For it has always been where I've most felt at home body, heart, mind and soul!

In Seattle, there's a FREE edible food forest in the planning!  The Beacon Food Forest.  It is our nation's first public edible food forest : and hopefully the start of an international trend!  'Cause no person should ever go without their necessary daily food and drink!

If you're looking to live off-the-grid, check out the continuous info on how/where to do so on A Gathering for Kindred Souls Looking to Live Off the Grid!  Even if you're not, you may find some useful tips for making everyday living a little more cost and energy efficient.  Find out ways to make every day a little more like Earth Day : not just one day a year on April 22nd!

Nearing the end of April the awesome Lyrid Meteor Shower 2013 was upon us!  It typically culminates at its peak around April 22nd.  Watch it here!  Nature above us and below us truly is awesome!

Oh trees oh beautiful giving trees!  We celebrate all of you on Arbor Day : the last Friday in April.  This day has grown into raising awareness in how trees aid against global warming : which is a very real threat : despite those who ignorantly say it's not!

Reed's Original Ginger Brew is all hands down still the very best! It has a true ginger root kick!

Another docu-movie I really want to see came out = Kon-TikiKon-Tiki was the raft used by Norwegian explorer and writer Thor Heyerdahl in his 1947 expedition across the Pacific Ocean from South America to the Polynesian islands. It was named after the Inca sun god, Viracocha, for whom "Kon-Tiki" was said to be an old name. Kon-Tiki is also the name of Heyerdahl's book, the dramatised feature film nominated for the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film, and the Academy Award-winning documentary film chronicling his adventures.

Wow!!! I totally forgot that quite a few of Larabar's Fruit & Nut Food Bars do not contain unnecessary sweeteners = no sugar...and still are tasty as heck!!! Which makes them a surety for my hiking trips!!!  In fact already picked up some for my next one!!!

At the very ending of April, I finally made it back to the quaint and lovely WPA Rock Garden in William Land Park.  My oh my, is it thick and luscious with verdant plant life and colorful flowers.  With trees providing enough shade to sit and read or to enjoy the quiet of the day.

Do keep on enjoying the beauty of spring and all the verdancy and color it brings into our daily lives : I know I will for sure. For enjoyment is one of our true purposes in life!

~ Spring On - Janice Marie Foote ~

Spring has finally sprung...

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Autumn slowly continued on into winter and then finally morphed into spring...

Of course, with me discovering new music all around : I have been discovering new music mainly on the internet since being back and living in Sacramento for about 1 year now.  Music by Alpines : listen to their gorgeous song Lights : which is a very good representation of their sound. I rediscovered Irina Mikhailova's lovely music : listen to her beauteous song Night Flower (Remix by Kaya Project) : I originally discovered her fronting Medicine Drum : here's their electribalistic song Rattlesnake.  Oh my, the lovely Simone White put out a sultry video to her song What the Devil Brings : I absolutely love her music! ♥ With Kim Boekbinder on song, Molly Crabapple on illustration and Jim Batt on film, thy creatively collaborated on video for Kim Boekbinder's song I Have Your Heart ♥ and you must go right now and watch it on YouTube and let it have your heart : you wont' regret it ♥  Oh man...did you know Scarlett Johansson sings : I didn't either until hearing her singing Before My Time during the ending credits to docu-film Chasing Ice (more about this docu-film below).  Even though I'm a few albums behind on her, I'm stoked that Alela Diane will be coming out with a new album 'about farewell' in 2013 : you can listen to her beautifully emotive song The Way We Fall off of it on her site = The Way We Fall on YouTube.  If you haven't heard of The Battle Of Land and Sea/or heard their music = go listen to their song 1924 on their site!  I don't know what took me so long, but I finally gave a listen to Bat for Lashes via their song/video Lilies : it's gorgeous and creatively made, and is off their latest album The Haunted Man.  Oh my, look men among this mix of new : Jose Gonzalez is part of a band called JUNIP : go and listen to their song Your Life, Your Call : you'll be glad you did!  Last but not least, I just recently discovered the otherworldly music of Kine Hjeldnes via her haunting song Ghosts (Crispo Lowsun Remix) on her soundcloud : her music is just gorgeous!

So sweet! Our backyard meyer lemon tree lemoned up more juicy lemons.  I heartily use them in my delicious Ginger Brew that I bewitchingly batch up every now and again.  In cold weather I drink it hot : in hot weather I drink it cold.

Moviewise I really want to see Before Midnight (2013).  I saw Before Sunrise (1995) and Before Sunset (2004).  I really like Ethan Hawke is who originally attracted me to these movies, as I really enjoy his style of acting : Julie Delpy was brilliant as well.  I was pleasantly surprised at the poetic flow of their relationship through the two movies.  I understand they flow just as smoothly together in this movie too : which is why I must see it!

Hiccup!!! There was a very surprise ending to Dexter Season 7!!! Oh my!!! Season 8 is going to be so lasciviously good : and literally millions of people are waiting for it to start again on June 30th!  All I know is that Dexter & Deb's relationship is going to become a lot more complicated! This is the second excellent series that I've watched Michael C. Hall star in : the 1st one was Six Feet Under and I absolutely loved that show!  The enigmatic Sia brilliantly put her song Breathe Me to Six Feet Under's finale : and it's such a lovely emotive song!

While reading I discovered Drawbridge, CA : which is a ghost town on an island in the Bay Area : unfortunately it's not open to the public right now : fortunately that reason is due to restoration efforts.  I discovered it in the book The Islands of San Francisco Bay by Michael T. Lee and James A. Martin.  It is beautifully photographed throughout, I must add.

December saw the visually awesome Geminid Meteor Shower on the 13-14th...no I didn't see it in person...but it's YouTubed : go watch it : it's super sky amazing!

At the end of the month, I celebrated the coming of winter at the E Street Gallery.  It was my first time there.  I participated in their Winter Solstice Burn by ritually burning my 2013 intentions into the new year.

For the first time, I made Latkes aka Potato Pancakes for myself...and if I must say so myself, they turned out mighty tasty : for a Gentile making them.  Oy vey!!! Can't wait to make them again.

A couple days later Christmas came and went on a silent note.  All was calm : all was holy : all was filled with chocolate. As an adult, I've never really celebrated Christmas, seeing as I have no kids of my own : though I do cherish all my Christmases that I celebrated growing up!

I saw Chasing Ice at Crest Theatre with a meetup group.  It is a visually arresting docu-film that makes a compelling case for Global Warming and the disastrous global effects it's having upon our beautiful and wondrous earth.  I urge you to see it : especially if it shows near you and you can : as I do feel it's best seen on the big screen!

Oh me! Oh My! Oh Me! Surprise! Surprise! Surprise! Oh my! Oh Me! Oh My! Wild Ophelia sent me an 8-chocolate bar pack : and their 8 flavors to date are : All Natural Beef Jerky * All Natural Southern Hibiscus Peach * All Natural Salted Chowchilla Almond * All Natural New Orleans Chili * All Natural Sweet Cherry Pecan * All Natural Mount Sequoia Granola * All Natural Smokehouse BBQ Potato Chips * All Natural Peanut Butter & Banana: and they were all so very delectable.  Go find them on the shelf and try them! FYI Wild Ophelia is a chocolate sister to Vosges Haut-Chocolat : and you must try their artisan chocolate too!

On the day before New Year's Eve a new found friend took me wine tasting at the Old Sugar Mill Wineries.  A Heringer Estates wine tasting to be more specific : and every one of their wines I tasted at minimum was good!  I enjoyed the drive too, as we drove along a bit part of the lovely California Delta to get there.  I'd like to go back and hike along the California Delta Trail with a meetup group : hiking in groups is the funnest way to hike.

After the wine tasting, we went to Whole Foods on Arden Way.  I discovered an artfully packaged Recchiuti Confections chocolate bar : they have quite a few flavors that look absolutely delightful : and I must try them : they are based in my most favoritest U.S. city of all = San Francisco!  On a side note, a smaller part of me wishes there was a Whole Foods downtown : though the bigger part of me is glad there isn't so it doesn't impact the business of the Sacramento Natural Foods Co-oP : which is a long time favorite food shopping store of mine!

Oh f*ck!  New Year's Eve unfortunately came and went on an unplanned violent note! There was a shooting in Old Sacramento where the fireworks were : 2 were killed  and 3 were injured : it was real sad!  A couple was arrested, according to the news!

New Year's Day : barely a creature was stirring, barely even a mouse.Especially on these downtown streets.Even so I decided to wander around outside of my house and onto the sparsely filled streets. Silence surrounded me as I walked the streets : but that was fine, and what fit this day perfectly.

Walking around at the begin of the new year, I stumbled across The California MuseumMickey Mouse greets you at the entrance way (above pictured was my favorite one).  I must make a proper visit!  As it was closed on this day, but for some odd reason the entry/greeting desk was open.

Out of curiousity I started watching Californication via a Season 5 marathon on tv.  It's quite the fun lascivious decadent show : and I really enjoy it!  Though I must admit that David Duchovny starring in it pulled me in to check it out : I'm happy I did.  I used to watch him in the X-Files : him and Gillian Anderson were quite the odd sci-fi hot pair!

Sweetalicious! I must say that the Chocolate Hazelnut Dacquoise that I picked up from Taylor's Market is yet another baked dessert of perfection and that she bakes pure ♥ into everything she bakes!  She uses high quality Valrhona Chocolate in her baked goods : and it does make a true taste difference.


Sometime in January somehow I stumbled upon the goodreads website.  I have to say it is an excellent social networking book/reading site to be on.  Especially if you take the time to list/rate as many books that you can remember that you've read.  In fact, after listing/rating books I've read : books that I read (and somehow forgot about) came up as recommendations for me to read : how's that for good book reading recommendations for you!  My profile on goodreads is here!

While walking around my neighborhood William Land Park, I discovered the picturesque WPA Rock Garden.  I must go back there in spring : when it's all verdant and flowery!  It's such a calm and peaceful spot to sit and contemplate, read a book, and enjoy nature at the same time.

Some days when walking around to and from home and around my neighborhood and beyond, I so enjoy taking pictures of random cats that I come across who are just doing their thing. Different cats do have such differing personalities!

I finally made it back to the Crocker Art Museum.  The vast Norman Rockwell Exhibit pulled me there...and I must say it was truly worth it.  Man oh man, it really showcased the depth and breadth of his art.  FYI Crocker has a 3rd Sunday Pay-As-You-Wish every month : which is a great time to check this art museum out!

A few days later on a calm blue skied wintered day, I made the trek back to Southside Park : which I discovered on the night of the Thanksgiving Vegetarian Potluck that I attended.  It is quite a quaint park.  They will be holding an Earth Day Celebration here on Sunday, April 21st, from 11am-4pm : there will be eco-information tables, vendors, entertainment, food and fun for the whole family.  Go if you can!

I found a good sized library here in Sacramento, vis-a-vis the Sacramento Public Library at 8th & I Streets.  I found it to be aesthetically pleasing and well laid out.  They have events there as well.  Though if I need a quick library fix, I can go to the Ella K. McClatchy Library that's closer to me at 22nd & U Streets.  It's smaller in stature and size : but will definitely do.

Also while walking around I stopped in at Capitol Park.  It is a beautiful park that is well taken care of. It's mighty fine for a lovely stroll, a picnic, or sit amidst nature and contemplate.

Sweetalicious!!! ATTN: San Franciscan's chocoholics, all heads up!!! I recently discovered via internetland Chocolate Covered = a chocolate boutique located on 24th St. between Castro & Noe Street. As a bonafide chocoholic, I must visit in person, more than once!

On one of my art walks I discovered Arthouse Sacramento at 10th & R. There's quite an impressive array of fine artists here. I like it very much! In fact so much, I'll include it in every 2nd Saturday Art walk!!! You should too!!!

Valentine's Day came and went on a single note. If I haven't blogged anything about Ginger Elizabeth Chocolates, I must do so now, 'cause even if I have, they're worth a repeat. They are thee go to Sacramento chocolate store for any holiday needs requiring excellent chocolate, or on any other regular day in which your needs require excellent chocolate!

A few days later...oh! nature nature nature...how beautiful is thee. I hiked the beautiful Feather Falls with a meetup hiking group. These amazingfalls are quite the fantastic...and I had so much fun! So if you're ever in the area close to them, do visit them. There is a platform that you can walk out onto for this spectactular view, for photo ops. As well, you can trail on up to the head of the falls, and sit comfortably amidst the still rocks and flowing water. Thankfully we did on our hike!

Throwback Thursday!  Go view some blacklight bodypaint Neon Creature artistic modeling pictures Fred Hatt took of me = I'm #18 & #19.  Fred Hatt is multi-talented and also did the blacklight bodypainting on me!

Through a liked page on FaceBook I discovered Sayaka Ganz Sculptures...which is ecoart sculptures.  She coalesces her Shinto Beliefs into her art : and they are just amazing!  Check her ecoart out!

On a Second Saturday art walk, to my pleasant surprise, I stumbled across Viewpoint Photographic Art Center.  There were two simultaneous photographic exhibits going on.  The first was an expansive black and white exhibit = Don Kirby & Joan Gentry—The Anasazi Project.  The second was a lively and colorful exhibit = Jorge Santana—Cuba Today: Street Photography.  IMO it's the best photographic art gallery I've stumbled across in Sacramento.  Make sure to at least fit it into your Second Saturday art walk : and bookmark their site for any other photographic exhibitions they may have in store.  I certainly have!

March arrived and I continued on reading about the life of Anais Nin via her Diary Volume 4.  It was quite good!  Though I have found that with each progressive diary, the details of her life are not as in depth...but definitely still worth the read.  Even though her life up until the very end was an adventure : I found that when Henry Miller was in the midst of her doings, her life was the most adventurous.  For they hungrily fed off of each others creative differences!

Blasephemy!!! our neighbor cut down their backyard giving yellow grapefruit tree. The grapefruits I'd pick and eat off their tree were so succulent and delicious. It was really such a shame they cut it down, not just for me, but for them too!  I normally prefer the pink grapefruit, but fresh and ripe yellow grapefruit straight off the tree, is just as refreshingly delish!

Around mid-March I hiked the American Canyon Creek Trail with a meetup hiking group. It's located n the Auburn State Recreation area. It was absolutely fantastic...and I loved putting my feet into the river...though the water was too cold to go any further, unfortunately! I was extremely psyched that on the way out we stopped by to view the American Canyon Creek Falls, the view was definitely worth the extra hiking put in!

Oh spring, verdurous flowery spring, you finally have arrived and put winter to slumber.  Warmth will surround us, allcoldness be gone. Not that Sacramento gets all that cold in the winter, unlike freezing NYC! Though both sides of this weather coin do have their beauty, especially the wintery snow and icicles that landscape nature.

From spring to spring, throughout this past year/March 2012-13/365 days, I've been following That Tree iPhone photographic endeavor by Mark Hirsch. He is truly a talented photographer, that managed to get 365 different creative photos of this same tree. That's quite a photographic feat in and of itself!

If you're like me, and into diy natural beauty facial products, click here. There's 15 delicious recipes to help keep you looking good naturally, without the abundance of toxic ingredients that quite a few companies cram into their beauty products, even the so called all natural ones.

I finally finished my 24 chapter-a-week reading of Charles F. Haanel's The Master Key System. Was the time worth it = on all levels a resounding yes! I encourage anyone to read it who is looking to change any aspect of their life in a truly constructive way.  Click here -> to get yourself a FREE download of The Master Key System!

After putting that book down, I picked up Dragon Country by Tennessee Williams. I really do enjoy his lyrical Southern Gothic writing style. His words truly transport me to another time and place.

Easter rounded out March. It was mellow with just the right amount of chocolate for my liking. The weather was really good too, which was most excellent for all the easter egg hunters. How I did love coloring Easter Eggs throughout my childhood years.

~ Sweet is Life - Janice Marie Foote ~