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Spring ahead 2 years later...

Posted on March 30, 2017 at 11:00 PM

Well it's been about 2 years since I last blogged. When June of 2015 rolled around, I discovered Clunie's outdoor Pool at McKinley Park. Which is most perfect for Sacramento's infamous hot summer days. On the 4th of July, I did my usual fireworks over the river.

Come late July I learned how to make a perfect French Omelette via Bon Appetit's online recipe. I cook mine in Kerrygold Unsalted Butter. If you've struggled like I have with omelette making, try their recipe. I mostly like to stuff them with Green Valley Farms lactose free cream cheese or sour cream with Trader Joe's wild arugula.

In August, Sacramento's own American River Bike Trail was named in Top 10 Best Urban Trails by USA Today's Readers Choice Awards. I must say it is most worthy of that win! I tend to stick to the Sacramento Northern Bikeway part of it, entering it on C Street between 19th/20th.

In mid-August I switched out all beauty products, especially toothpastes with carrageenan in them. I would urge anyone with questionable digestive issues, to purge all carrageenan products from their diet, as well as their toothpaste. My toothpaste of choice is now EarthPaste. It has no junk ingredients, and tastes good.

September rolled in on a slow autumn note. October zoomed on by. Very soon November was at our doorstep, and I found a good recipe for simple yet savory oven baked delish homemadey plantain chips. I bake mine in TJ's Cal Estate Olive Oil and Garlic Salt in a grinder.

How quickly winter descended upon us. On New Year's Eve I saw Quentin Tarantino's badass The Hateful Eight at Tower. Surprisingly it was sold out! At midnight I ate my twelve grapes!

Wow it's 2016! On January 11th David Bowie died. I saw him live many years ago in San Francisco on his Tin Machine Tour, which I mostly went to see him perform his older songs up to his China Girl era.

I finally got to see the fab singer-songwriter Jacob Golden live at his Sol Collective show for his "crowd funded" album The Invisible Record, which I bought at the show. If you're on Spotify, look him up and give him a listen, he has such a gorgeous voice.

Late January, on a random bike ride, I rode across Richard and Annette Bloch Cancer Survivors Park lovely sculpture. The squares that they walk through metaphorically represent the different levels of cancer treatment one goes through, until they reach the other side of being cured or are in remission. Try and go see it if you can!

Early February kicked off with m5Arts collaborative and much anticipated Art Hotel 916. Of course I went, and it was absolutely awesome! It was created in Jade Apartments, a soon to be disemboweled apartments located in Downtown Sacramento.

At Davis Food Coop, I finally got a good shot of The Four Growing Seasons sculpture by Mark Rivera. It really is a sculptural gem.

On another bike ride in Davis, I came across some wild turkeys who were bandying about. I got lucky and caught two male turkeys with their feathers on full display. Maybe they were running wild and doing their leap year trot!

Spring inducing March kicked off with a Dylan LeBlanc and Anderson East live show at Harlow's. Dylan LeBlanc opened up.

Anderson East headlined, and he was a big ball of amazing energy that kept us going all night!

Bright Underbelly's massive sized mural was finally completed, and it's awesome. I only got an excerpt pic, but imo, a really good one.

Spring was finally here again, and I finally joined the 21st century technology with an LG Verizon smartphone. One of the best life decisions I made in quite a long time!

On a nice weather day, I finally got a good shot of a Sun, Earth & Honey mural in Davis.

Finally made it out to Shasta Community Park to see its fun Smarty Pants Rabbits sculpture that's housed there.

I was so stoked for Crocker's Ai Weiwei's Zodiac Heads exhibit, and it was absolutely awesome! 'Cause I'm da monkey, I got a pic of that one.

I took yet another bike ride on a cloudy spring day, and it made for a perfect skies over Tower Bridge pic.

Finally I have some of my acoustic songs/vocals only tracks up on my Soundcloud, courteous of my smartphone's recording capabilities, of all things.

One day on my way home from teaching yoga, I came across a Little Free Library on Freeport Blvd. I absolutely love them! As they're a way to share books in your neighborhood in a housed yet friendly manner.

I was so excited to go to the fun and awesome Andy Warhol exhibit at Crocker. I absolutely loved it! I made it on closing day, and it was jam packed the whole time I was there.

On a random bike ride downtown, I came across a gorgeous Take Flight metal sculpture. I wish I knew who the artist is, but even google seemed to come up empty.

One thing I've always wanted to photograph, is a sunflower field in full bloom. Little did I know that there was one in Davis. A gal who rides the same bus as me occasionally, told me about it. Also, there is at least a few rather large ones in Woodland too.

On yet another bike ride, I came across A Life Ride's sculpture along the River Walk. I love coming across random awesome sculptures.

In mid-July, I saw Vienna Teng at Harlow's. She's such a lovely and talented songstress.

When I went to see art, I also saw the most beauteous flowering tree in full bloom in front of Crocker. On a purely electronics note, my brother gave me KMASHI portable cell phone charger, and it's so practical and useful.

A Central Park in Davis, there's this Hands sculpture that I absolutely love, created by Donna Billick.

By mid-August I finally perfected my Chocolate Avocado Pudding. The recipe that works for me is -> 6 tbsp AltMilk/Milk + 2 small or 1 medium/large ripe Hass Avocado + 3 tbsp Cocoa Powder + 3 tbsp Raw Honey in blender. I prefer using Summerhill's Goat Milk, and sometimes I put a diced banana in it.

A useful aspect of IG is clicking on hashtags. This is how I discovered some urban redwoods at UC Davis Arboretum, at the end of August. Wow, they're so beautiful.

Our city kicked off September with the Sacramento Mural Festival aka SMF916. So many awesome new murals went up around the city. Hopefully this becomes a yearly event here.

Also at UC Davis Arboretum, is the lovely Lake Spafford, that I discovered on another bike ride.

Online via google, I also found and learned how to make delish homemadey Golden Milk, through a very good recipe, It's main ingredient is turmeric, which turns it a golden color. Come time to renew my DMV CA ID, thankfully I was able to do it online, instead of having to go in person to do it.

Come October, I finally went and saw Jeff Koons' Coloring Book sculpture at our new downtown Golden 1 Center. It's even more awesome in person, and I'm so glad the naysayers didn't get it stopped!

Finally the Sacramento Natural Foods Coop opened up their new location at 28/R, and it's just fab all around.

My oh my, l it's finally Presidential voting time again, and I voted for Hillary! She won the popular vote!

Though unfortunately Minority Potus Trumpster Fire won out in the end with the electoral vote. His win was heard like your own scream waking you up from a nightmare!

On a bike ride coming home, I passed by our new downtown Golden 1 Center, riding across Gale Hart's Missing the Mark sculpture. It's quite impressive in person, go see it if you haven't!

By happenstance, I got a hoarse voice for about a week. Turned out it was caused by my stuffed up nose that caused me to mouth breathe when sleeping, coupled with sleeping in dry indoor heat. I once again took to google, and I discovered miraculous Thyme Leaf Tea, which is most excellent for hoarse voice from pretty much any reason. This year Thanksgiving came and went on a very quiet note.

Mid-December I received Urban Hiker SF's "Urban Trails - San Francisco" book in the mail. It's awesome and very well laid out. If you love urban hiking in and around San Francisco, this book is most definitely for you! Alas, winter was here once again.

I was totally stoked that I spent Christmas Weekend in San Francisco. Saturday with Patricia and Mike = Minamoto Kitchoan for mochi : Dandelion Chocolate for dessert : Tartine Bakery for their famously delish Pain au Chocolat : and laste but not least, Chocolate Covered for chocolate bars. If you're a chocolate bar lover, and want to try new bars, go to Chocolate Covered, as they have different chocolate bars from around the world, as well as local ones!

Later I saw one of San Fran's famous heart sculptures. At Union Square was Tony Bennett's Hearts in SF heart sculpture.

After that I walked to the Ferry Building, and took a pic of the beautiful Bay Bridge. A cousin to its more famous Golden Gate Bridge.

Once again New Year's Eve rolled around, and it was Fireworks & 12 grapes at midnight.

Oh my, it's turned year 2017, with our backyard meyer lemon tree in full lemoning mode. Also, only 3 more years until 2020! can you believe that?

In early January there was a super foggy day, so I took a picture of lovely bare winter trees ensconced in Davis fog. It turned out rather well, if I do say so myself.

I finally went on another bike ride on the Sacramento Northern Bikeway, and took an absolutely beautiful pic of cloudy skies over the historic Union Pacific Bridge with fluffy white skies overhead, that happened to catch a perfect reflection.

Oddly enough, hidden Urban overgrowth fascinates me. In Davis near the coop, I came across some growing over a fence by the tracks, that has a row of rusted train wheels on them. Of course, I had to capture it in a picture.

On a rare sunny winter day, I took a bike ride to and through Capitol Park, and took a pic of some very lovely succulents and flowers.

January ended with National Hot Chocolate Day, and of course I partook of it. As hot chocolate is my most favorite part of winter.

Of course, my main grocery shopping continues on at TJ's. I really enjoy how they trade out certain products and have seasonal ones to boot. Though it can be frustrating when they season out a spice blend that I really like using year round, like their South African Smoke.

Mid-February I took another bike ride to the urban redwoods located at UC Davis Arboretum. This small redwood grove is absolutely beautiful.

At the end of February, I finally hit m5Arts highly anticipated Art Street 916. It certainly delivered the awesome art goods! We all hope it becomes a February yearly trend for m5Arts to have a large scale exhibit in the vein of Art Hotel 916 and Art Street 916. As they were both well loved and received.

March kicked off with a walk along the river with my brother, and then to Fat City for some delish Fried Calamari and Fries. I haven't had Fried Calamari since living in NYC!

I loved that Barack was chosen to receive the prestigious JFK Award. Coupled with a double Obama book deal. A Barack Presidential memoir, along with a book by Michelle.

Finally spring came! All the fall and winter rains helped to blossom out some beautiful flowers.

Mid-March online I came across Jay's Baking Me Crazy Fudgy Paleo Brownies recipe, and I infused it with food grade orange oil and adde hemp seeds. They turned out super delish! On another note, I found a body alkaline inducing beverage -> mix ½ tsp of baking soda with 2 tbs of organic raw apple cider vinegar in 8oz of water, to create alkaline forming environment in body. Also google turned me on to an Oh She Glows Oat Milk recipe, and it is becoming a staple in my fridge.

Of course, I'm still a bonafide chocoholic. I discovered Lulu's Chocolate at Sac Foods Coop, and really like their unroasted Vanilla Bean Bar, as well their Maca Butter Cups are to die for. In San Francisco, Patricia gave me a super delish Pump Street Bakery Sourdough & Sea Salt Bar! Midtown Sacramento Farmers Market is where I get my Puur Chocolat fix, and most recently I had their unique White Chocolate Pink Peppercorn Bar. Ginger Elizabeth Chocolates macarons & chocolates are an ongoing staple, and I picked up their delightful Tangelo Orange Blossom Preserves. Madecasse has new packaging, and when it hit the shelves, I tried their tasty Salted Almond Bar. San Francisco's deluxe Charles Chocolates Salty-Sweet Cherry Pecan Bar is one of my all time fave bars, and I get them at Andy's Candy Apothecary. This is also where I pick up my Dick Taylor Craft Chocolate bars at, and I absolutely love their Fig bar! Through Amazon, I finally got an Amedei Tuscany Toscano Blond Dark Chocolate with Peaches & Apricots Bar, oh man was it perfection! TCHO Chocolate has a fun new yummilish Gelato Mint Chip bar, that I picked up at Davis Food Coop. Alter Eco SF's Dark Chocolate Quinoa Bar has become a staple bar, it's so good and I love its quinoa crunch.

On a music note, Alela Diane paired up with Ryan Francesconi, for their beautiful Cold Moon album; they complement each other nicely. Billy Harvey came out with a new "crowd funded" Dear Danger album, that I purchased through his campaign, I really like it a lot. A fave Eliza Rickman, released her gorgeous album Footnotes for the Spring. As well, Jacob Golden "crowd funded" his album The Invisible Record, which I purchased it at his Sol Collective live show.

Yup I'm still a reading my life away. First up in this blog round for 2015 is Ancient Oceans of Central Kentucky by David Connerley Nahm. Then came Twilight Sleep by Edith Wharton. Followed with Mindset: The New Psychology of Success by Carol S. Dweck. Soon I read A Thing of Beauty by Lisa Samson. After that came Tunesmith: Inside the Art of Songwriting by Jimmy Webb, that I loved quite a lot! Then I read Inspiration: Your Ultimate Calling by Wayne Dyer. Finally read Against the Stream: A Buddhist Manual for Spiritual Revolutionaries by Noah Levine. 2016 started off with reading Stillness Speaks by Eckhart Tolle, I really enjoy his style of inspirational writing. Then came the awesome Drawing Blood by Molly Crabapple. Followed that with Professional Idiot: A Memoir by Steve-O, during the time he was dating Kat Von D. Soon after I was reading the ever so haunting Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro. I loved his writing style so much, that I read Nocturnes: Five Stories of Music by Kazuo Ishiguro next. 2017 started and still continues with me reading Deep Community: Adventures in Modern Folk Underground by Scott Alarik, coupled with Winter World: The Ingenuity of Animal Survival by Bernd Heinrich.

Thankfully good movies still abound in life. In 2015 I saw the crazy Wild Tales​ at Tower. I saw a showing of one of my all time favorite movies Cinema Paradiso at Crest. Snuck in Saint Laurent at Tower. Next I saw Spotlight at Tower. On New Year's Eve, I saw the violent yet excellent The Hateful Eight at Tower. In 2016, I saw the The Danish Girl at Davis Varsity. A unique movie Embrace of the Serpent was playing at Tower, so I decided to see it, and I was glad I did. Hank Williams biopic, I Saw the Light came out at Tower, it was a bit choppy in storytelling, as they didn't transition past to present to past very smoothly visually. That being said, at Tower, I saw biopic Miles Ahead with Don Cheadle as Miles Davis, it was filmed extremely well, and exceeded in places where Light failed. Finally for a fun movie, I saw Alice Through the Looking Glass at Davis Varsity, and it was visually stunning. Another fun movie I saw was Love and Friendship at Tower, all about the complexities of relationships and money, told with a comedic bend. Next up I saw very unique The Lobster at Tower, which I'd describe as a dystopian dark romantic comedy, and I liked it a lot, so creative and unique in its storytelling. A bit later, I saw the breakneck speed Hell or High Water at Tower. On a whim, I went and saw Moonlight at Tower, and it was more than worthy of its Golden Globes and Oscar wins, including Best Picture! Another movie I saw that I absolutely loved was Loving at Tower; if you can, view it on Netflix, or rent it. So far in 2017, I've only seen one movie at the theater, and that was Elle at Tower.

~ Life keeps moving - Janice Marie Foote ~

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