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Spring flowers on...

Posted on May 1, 2013 at 2:15 PM

Spring flowers on...

I started the month of April off reading Think & Grow Rich by the wise and astute Napoleon Hill.  I highly recommend this book  to anyone looking to move forward constructively in their lives, and adopting lifelong habits to stay on course with.  As we all know, it's easier to get ourselves on course than it is to stay on course, and it can be even more difficult to get back on course.

At last I finally took my annual typing test : I now type 77 wpm with only 1 error.  This is very good!!!  This can be mostly chalked up to the ever increasing online world integrated into my everyday living.  Otherwise without regular computer use, my typing speed would undoubtedly decrease, seeing as my usual indie jobs typically don't require much typing.

Sweet beauty began the early part of April as we saw the cherry blossoms bloom out.  They are so very very very beautiful!  So one day I must go to Washington D.C. and to Japan for their respective Cherry Blossom Festivals.  Though there is one a bit closer in San Francisco that I'd like to attend next year, as I do love cherry blossoms beauty so very very much!

As usual, new music abounds!  Go listen to Emily Wells song Los Angeles on NPR off her Mama Acoustic Recordings album.  Sweet sweet Cat Power, one of my all time faves, released a new video to her song Manhattan off of her latest album Sun.  Oh my, Elin Palmer's song Paint off her album Postcard is quite gorgeous.  On my back home drive from a Stinson Beach group hike, I discovered the fantastically mostly upbeat music of Oh Land : here's their utterly fantastic song Human, my fave so far!  Iron and Wine's wonderful song Joy off their latest album Ghost on Ghost was put to video.  I newly discovered Pantaleimon's utterly beautiful music : here's their gorgeous song Another World.  Watch the lovely Marissa Nadler's haunting live performance of Salutations at Belfast Free Range Music Festival 2013 in Maine.  Oh love o go listen to Sealight's gorgeous song I Am off of Commission 45's Spring 2013 Label Sampler.

This was also the month that Mad Men Season 6 kicked off.  I enjoy watching this show immensely!  It's well acted.  Well dressed.  Exquisitely filmed.  With emotional nuances expressed between characters, sometimes just with slight facial expressions or hand gestures that speak volumes, even without dialogue.  Mad Men also led me to Elle King's music via a song in a Mad Men tv ad, which led me to Good to be a Man : she's quite the unique singer.

Oh! Fear not Dexter fans of old and new, for we can get a 4 hour Dextravaganza fix every Friday on Showtime.  So far I've re-seen Season 4 and the starting of Season 5 = the season of Lumen and Dexter.  Dexter's next love interest after the passing of his true love Rita.

If you enjoy scultpure in its many forms, check out Sam Jinks' hyperreal sculptures.  I discovered his sculpture art through a fast becoming favorite of mine art magazine Hi-Fructose Magazine.  His human sculptures are so scary real that you'll think you're looking at real people!  I wonder if they also feel human to the touch?  Hopefully one day I'll see them in person to find out for myself.

Sweetalicious!  My love of Black Mission Figs has been reborn.  I started eating them again on a regular basis, seeing as I do like sweets, but want to cut way back on white sugar intake...and my oh my these do the trick!  I buy them in a circle pack that has enough for about 5 servings.

As well the sweetest dates of all, Medjool Dates, have been reborn back into my food diet.  They sell them in bulk at Raley's, where I mostly shop due to their pretty well balanced selection of food and drink items.  Hmmm...seeing as Raley's has all the ingredients I need, including unsweetened coconut, I'm going to indulge and make me some homemadey Coconut Date Nut Rolls!

I also discovered Follow Your Heart's vegan cream cheese and sour cream.  I prefer them over Tofutti's as FYH tastes more like the real deal.  Mainly because FYH uses Agave Syrup as a sweetener balance vs. Tofutti using Organic Sugar as a sweetener balance.  The Organic Sugar overpowers the other flavors imo vs. Agave Syrup blends in to balance out the flavors.  I'm not surprised though, since I've been a long time fan of their Vegenaise, especially FYH's Grapeseed Vegenaise.  Which brings me back again to my same question: Why is the health food movement emulating by adding sugar to foods (even if it's organic) instead of innovating!

Just in time for my pending hike I found delicious Clif Kit's Organic Whole Food Bars which contain no sugar whatsoever.  Another win in my no sugar, organic or not, continued way of eating and drinking!  I highly recommend these bars to any avid hiker (urban or nature),or for  on the go snacks, or glove compartment tide-me-overs.

Mid-April saw me going on a group hike to Stinson Beach in the Bay Area

It felt so good to be at and walk into the ocean.  All five elements coalesce at the ocean = earth, air,  fire, water, spirit!  I felt so rejuvenated just being there!  I do love the Bay Area!  For it has always been where I've most felt at home body, heart, mind and soul!

In Seattle, there's a FREE edible food forest in the planning!  The Beacon Food Forest.  It is our nation's first public edible food forest : and hopefully the start of an international trend!  'Cause no person should ever go without their necessary daily food and drink!

If you're looking to live off-the-grid, check out the continuous info on how/where to do so on A Gathering for Kindred Souls Looking to Live Off the Grid!  Even if you're not, you may find some useful tips for making everyday living a little more cost and energy efficient.  Find out ways to make every day a little more like Earth Day : not just one day a year on April 22nd!

Nearing the end of April the awesome Lyrid Meteor Shower 2013 was upon us!  It typically culminates at its peak around April 22nd.  Watch it here!  Nature above us and below us truly is awesome!

Oh trees oh beautiful giving trees!  We celebrate all of you on Arbor Day : the last Friday in April.  This day has grown into raising awareness in how trees aid against global warming : which is a very real threat : despite those who ignorantly say it's not!

Reed's Original Ginger Brew is all hands down still the very best! It has a true ginger root kick!

Another docu-movie I really want to see came out = Kon-TikiKon-Tiki was the raft used by Norwegian explorer and writer Thor Heyerdahl in his 1947 expedition across the Pacific Ocean from South America to the Polynesian islands. It was named after the Inca sun god, Viracocha, for whom "Kon-Tiki" was said to be an old name. Kon-Tiki is also the name of Heyerdahl's book, the dramatised feature film nominated for the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film, and the Academy Award-winning documentary film chronicling his adventures.

Wow!!! I totally forgot that quite a few of Larabar's Fruit & Nut Food Bars do not contain unnecessary sweeteners = no sugar...and still are tasty as heck!!! Which makes them a surety for my hiking trips!!!  In fact already picked up some for my next one!!!

At the very ending of April, I finally made it back to the quaint and lovely WPA Rock Garden in William Land Park.  My oh my, is it thick and luscious with verdant plant life and colorful flowers.  With trees providing enough shade to sit and read or to enjoy the quiet of the day.

Do keep on enjoying the beauty of spring and all the verdancy and color it brings into our daily lives : I know I will for sure. For enjoyment is one of our true purposes in life!

~ Spring On - Janice Marie Foote ~

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