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1 year living near Downtown Sacramento...

Posted on June 10, 2013 at 6:50 PM

So I've now been living 1 year near Downtown Sacramento! IMO living in/nearby Downtown Sacramento is the best part of Sacramento to live in. You're close to the best art galleries, food stores and restaurants : also you're very close to the Sacramento River and Old Sacramento. I personally think it's the only sane place in Sacramento to live : whether you drive or not!

Most of my life I haven't been a big tv watcher, but Friday night tv was never as exciting as the weekly Friday night Dexter Dextravaganza : which continued on with the conclusion of Season 5 : swam through Season 6 : and started Season 7 = the season of Dexter and Hannah!  Thank greatness Season 8 Hannah is back : for another round with Dexter : and to taunt and spar on with Debra = her nemesis!

Always new music abounds. Arborea created/released a stunning video for Pale Horse Phantasm off their latest Fortress of the Sun : plus here's Rider, a song off same album.  Go watch Camera Obscura's Fifth In line To the Throne off of their latest Desire Lines.  Swoon : Sasha Dobson's sensual video/song Full Moon off her latest offering Aquarius.  Go now and watch Pantaleimon's gorgeous If (I Was) off of their The Butterfly Ate The Pearl : more of their music here.  I was happy to see that Matty Charles did a video for his song When They're Cold off his 2012 release Back at Your Door.  OMG -> Holy Collab : Lykke Li + David Lynch -> I'm Waiting Here = bonus track off of David's 2nd album The Big Dream!!!  I finally got around to giving a listen to Alina Hardin and I like what I hear : go give a listen to her This Life song that she released in 2012 : if you like singer-songwriter fare, I do think you'll enjoy her music.

In the middle of May, I finally got a new used bike.  A pretty much perfect fitting orange Iron Horse Anzer Peak.  It's 21 speed and has anti-thorn tubes (with 2 spare back-ups).  I bought it at This 'n' That Thrift & Gift around the corner from me on 21st close to Broadway.  Getting around is so much easier now!!! YooHoo!!!  For cheaper on Amazon I bought me a Kryptonite Kryptolok Series 2 U-Lock with 4' Cable : and signed up free for their Key Safe Program and their Anti-Theft Protection Plan for $10 =1year/$1,500 bike protection.  I feel that my awareness of being on the road with cars and people is training for me driving a car, sooner than not, which would help my life move forward immensely.

Via my bike, I finally made it out to McKinley Park. It's quite a lovely park with a homemadey pond. It's the perfect little park for a picnic jaunt...or to hang out and chill with family and friends.

Sweet!!! Trader Joe's (located at Folsom/50th) is back in my food shopping buys : thanks to my bike.  My first purchase was their Lobster Raviolis and they were savory delish.  I'm looking forward to incorporating TJ's food and drink purchases back into my life.  They have such good food/drink at very reasonable prices!  Doubly sweet, is Trader Joe's Dark Chocolate Bar Coconut Caramel 70 is delicious = one of their newest chocolate bars = try it bonafide chocoholics 'cause I think you'll like it!  I have to add that Trader Joe's Organic Black Bean, Lentil Vegetable and Split Pea Soups are savory delish = no sugar and a much better price than Amy's!!!

After a few months of no go : via my bike, I finally made it back to Crocker Art Museum for some art viewing : on their 3rd Sunday Pay-As-You-Wish. Their art is quality and always worth the time! On a side note, I only went here once growing up, and that was on a school field trip.

On same day, I also took a quicky bike jaunt over the nearby Tower Bridge and back.  It crosses over the beautiful Sacramento River.

Oh yeah, the shenanigans of Mad Men (and Women) continues on! I really enjoy watching this show!  Though since I'm the only one in my house who enjoys it, I DirectTV record it and watch it later : I don't want to miss it  'cause it's too good!

In Sacramento, one thing that's quite hard to believe, is that the Sacramento Light Rail has not improved much since the '90s.  It has such potential to make Sacramento a greener city public transportation wise : which makes it a shame that it's so underutilized!!!  It also doesn't hold very good hours compared ot other big city's PT rail systems.

Streeeeeeetch!!! During most of May I took Free Friday yoga classes at It's All Yoga : which was part of their teachers-in-training Yoga Teacher Training program.  It's at 21st and X right near Broadway.  If you live nearby, check it out : it's a quality yoga studio to stretch it out in.

Near  the end of May via the Sacramento Northern Bikeway I rode to Discovery Park.  This bikeway goes many miles in differing directions.  Their Downtown Sacramento entrance is on C Street between 19th and 20th.  It connects Downtown, Del Paso Heights, and Rio Linda.  So if you're looking for a spot to bike long distances without car traffic, pull out your bike and pedal on!

Discovery Park is at the confluence of the American River and Sacramento River.  I remember going to this park while growing up in Sacramento : it's quite a fun spot to cool off at in the summertime.  As well, it's merely a quick jump to Old Sacramento to go and get your eats on after an enjoyable day at the river.

Another sweet bike ride at the end of May took me to Miller Park. The Sacramento River runs along this park as well.  It's very calm here and not too far away. Though I don't remember going to this park while growing up in Sacramento. I accessed it by taking Broadway all the way almost straight into it.

Bookwise, I read Practicing Peace in Times of War by Pema Chodron.  She has quite a lot to say on staying calm in the midst of chaos.  I will definitely read more by her.

After reading her book, I finally started reading No Man Is and Island by Thomas Merton.  I do feel so peaceful when I'm reading his words. So of course, I'll read more by him too.

In the begin of June, via a friend's tasty tip, I discovered Devine Gelateria & Cafe, who has super delish gelato.  I had a triple Cuban Chocolate, Ricotta Honey Fig, Roasted Almond gelato.  I'll definitely be going back there.  FYI they have more than gelato!

Man oh man, I may not be Jewish, but I do love me some good Jewish food!  Once again I made me some cheesy spiced Latkes fried in olive oil and topped with copious amounts of Daisy Sour Cream for brunch.

My bike also makes possible Sacramento Natural Foods Coop First Friday of every month = Anti-Depression Fridays = 10% off purchase = oh yeah!!!  This round, I discovered Madecasse's African Cinnamon & Sakay Chocolate Bar on this particular day.  Hey bonafide chocoholics = you will like their chocolate bars!!!  FYI on June 22, 2013 from 12-4pm, the Sacramento Natural Foods Coop is celebrating 40 years of doing good business (at their new location of 28th & R Street). Be there or be rectangular!

Yes! I finally made it again to Second Saturday for some art viewing. I went to the usual six.  At 21Ten Gallery & The Sacramento Art Complex, I came across a gorgeous sculpture The Embodiment of the Hour by sculpture artist Eric Affonso (pictured above).  At same place, I discovered Chunhong Chang's stunning art = she merges east and west fine art painting traditions.  Later at Elliot Fouts Gallery I discovered Christopher Stott's art = realist oil paintings = his attention to detail is outstanding!

Oh my sweet bejeebus!!! I forgot how delectably delicious Calimyrna Figs were! They are now my go to figs over Black Mission Figs (or I'll alternate). Their sweetness literally melts in your mouth.

Moviewise, I've been wanting to see and I finally saw City of Men - 2007.  It's a really good movie!  Despite the misconception, City of Men is not a sequel to City of God.  City of God - 2002 movie was adapted for the big screen via Paulo Lins' 1997 City of God novel.  Whereas the City of Men movie was based on the City of Men tv series.  If you like one of them : there's a good chance you'll like both!

Now that summer is almost upon us...it's time to break out more fun!!!

~ Keep on Enjoyin' Life - Janice Marie Foote ~

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