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Posted on August 31, 2013 at 9:30 PM

This summer has been chock full of fun, laughter, enjoyment, hiking, nature, chocolate and music!  Of course it has had its challenges and obstacles...but my overcoming them in more constructive ways than in the pas has helped make this summer one of the best that I've had in many many many moons.

New music has continued to pass through my eyes and ears.  Watch Emika's darkly stunning video for her song Centuries off her latest DVA.  Alela Diane released a gorgeously filmed video for her About Farewell song off her About Farewell album.  Although I had already heard of, I only recently took a listen to Alina Hardin's music via her most recent Edens album, it's quite lovely and I truly like.  Wowza!!! Some true music backflash...Mazzy Star has a new song California off her Seasons of Your Day album. Oh Seabear does make me swoon when I hear I'll Build You a Fire from We Built a Fire.  A new music find for me was Aoife O'Donovan...here's her performing live Beekeeper.  Sweet music awesomesauce...Fiona Apple teamed up with Paul Thomas Anderson and they collaboratively created/released Hot Knife via video!!!  A long time fave, Devon Sproule put out a new song You Can't Help It.  A new music find, James Newton Chadwick via his pensive song 3amPieta Brown & Lucie Thorne duoed up for LOVE OVER GOLD...here's their sweet song Coming Up Crimson off their album Fall To Rise.  I'm always happy to hear a new song by Simone White (including unrecorded ones)...here's her intimately singing her beautifully tender song Rain.

Dexter watching continued on with me smack dab in the middle of Season 7.  This season packed a surprise of Dexter turning in Hannah to save his sister Debra!  Though thankfully she managed to escape the long arm of the law and out into the void of nowhereland, for now.  At the end of June, Season 8 began.  It was the beginning of the end, as this is the final season of Dexter!  For me I have enjoyed season 8 thus far, with its unexpected twists and turns...as well I was glad to see Hannah return to Dexter-land!

My art viewing continues on.  With my mainstays of Crocker Art Museum's 3rd Sunday Pay-As-You-Wish and Downtown Sacramento's Second Saturday Art Walk (albeit this art walk does extend beyond Downtown Sacramento).  At one of my more recent Crocker visits I discovered Tino Rodriguez surreal art.  On a later date at Crocker, I saw an exquisite Origami Exhibit -> Folding Paper: The Infinite Possibilities of Origami -> so Sacramento fold yourselves up and get yourselves down to see it before folds itself away!

Mid-June I saw Before Midnight the first weekend of its release.  It was good...verbose but highly enjoyable.  In fact their verbosity is what carries most of this movie from begin to end.  Though with such a beautiful filming location, I did wish they would have been outside a little more.  Oh well, I'll just have to see Greece in person...as I've always wanted to vacation there.

Then a few days before the Summer Solstice...a visibly bright sun halo formed around the sun.  It was amazing!  What a brilliant celestial marking for the very soon to be begin of summer.

Nearer to the end of June I took a relaxing bike ride on the beauteous and uncluttered Sacramento Northern Bikeway.  I rode for miles out and turned around and came back when my legs dictated me to do so.

This time of the year also marked me being back in California for 3 years!  Oh my...California swoon!  Strangely enough, I only feel like I've truly just started living my California life with the begin of this spring/summer. Two of these years have been near to Downtown Sacramento.

Fantastically, one of my favorite stores here, the Sacramento Natural Foods Coop turned 40!  I'm really happy that they survived all their ups and downs that can be thrown at any business.  In fact, not only have they survived, they have happily thrived and in the not-so-far future are relocating to a new location that will be more cohesive to the running of their store.  It will also have much better bike parking than at their current location.

Oh summer, you do swoon us so with all your lovely flowers...nature's sweet kisses of color!

On a pragmatic note, at the end of June, I started reading The Complete Singer Songwriter: A Troubadour's Guide to Writing, Performing, Recording & Business by Jeffrey Pepper Rodgers....it was a very beneficial read.  I also read  The Art of the Soloperformer by Steve Rapson...it was also a very beneficial read.  I'm truly glad I took the time to read both of them...and I am fruitfully keeping them for future reference.

On July 4th, I managed to bike out to the Sacramento River and watch the fireworks.  It was a short but sweet fireworks display!

I've also been playing Lumosity brain games for a bit of time now.  I really like them...and am quite the everyday addict of them.  As well my BPI keeps going up with regular playing of them!

Mid-July I went on a group hike to the beauteous Calaveras Big Tree State Park.  We saw many majestic Sequoias. up close and personal.

It did give me great joy to be able to climb inside of several of them!

At the end of July I group hiked the beauteous Alamere Falls at Point Reyes National Seashore via the Palomarin Trailhead in Bolinas, CA. I had such an amazing time at this hike...for it was one of my favorite hikes to date!

Oh my!!! Movielicious time...the begin of August kicked off with seeing Pedro Almodovar's latest movie I'm So Excited.  It saw him returning to his more campier roots...and I enjoyed it immensely!  It was truly a fun movie ride.  So if you're a true Almodovar movie fan like I am, I highly suggest you seeing it!

Later in August, from earth, we saw the awesome Perseid Meteor Shower (it took place on the weekend of August 10-13th).  I didn't see much from here in Sacramento, but still it was awesome knowing it took place!

Total hIke swoon!!! Mid-August I went on what is now my truly favoritest group hike to date = Big Sur!!!  My friend said I'd love it there, and he was totally right.

My favorite spot along our hike I nicknamed Paradise Cove. McWay Falls empties directly into the ocean. It is located in Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park and it is one of the two waterfalls in California that do empty into an ocean. One can hike McWay Waterfall Trail down to the beach to view it in its full glory! This is a hike I will return to Big Sur to do! The energy there is off the hook totes amazeballs!!!

Late Mid-August I finally perfected my cheesy spicy Yukon Gold Latkes via a recipe I found online.  I prefer to fry mine in oil and add a dollop of Daisy Sour Cream on each one.  Three is the perfect meal amount for me.

Near the end of August, I finally started reading The Diary of Anais Nin, Vol. 5: 1947-1955.  Although I have read her poetic novels and short story collections, her diaries are my favorite writings of her.  After this diary, I'll have Diary 6 & 7 left to read.

I also found myself taking more idyllic bike rides on the Sacramento Northern Bikeway.  It truly is an urban bikeway sanctuary for all bicyclists to be had. I especially enjoy the sections that side by the river.

Oh...the end of August will tomorrow bring to us the begin of September...which will gradually take us to the begin of autumn.

~ To Life - Janice Marie Foote ~


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