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Spring has finally sprung...

Posted on April 1, 2013 at 1:40 AM

Autumn slowly continued on into winter and then finally morphed into spring...

Of course, with me discovering new music all around : I have been discovering new music mainly on the internet since being back and living in Sacramento for about 1 year now.  Music by Alpines : listen to their gorgeous song Lights : which is a very good representation of their sound. I rediscovered Irina Mikhailova's lovely music : listen to her beauteous song Night Flower (Remix by Kaya Project) : I originally discovered her fronting Medicine Drum : here's their electribalistic song Rattlesnake.  Oh my, the lovely Simone White put out a sultry video to her song What the Devil Brings : I absolutely love her music! ♥ With Kim Boekbinder on song, Molly Crabapple on illustration and Jim Batt on film, thy creatively collaborated on video for Kim Boekbinder's song I Have Your Heart ♥ and you must go right now and watch it on YouTube and let it have your heart : you wont' regret it ♥  Oh man...did you know Scarlett Johansson sings : I didn't either until hearing her singing Before My Time during the ending credits to docu-film Chasing Ice (more about this docu-film below).  Even though I'm a few albums behind on her, I'm stoked that Alela Diane will be coming out with a new album 'about farewell' in 2013 : you can listen to her beautifully emotive song The Way We Fall off of it on her site = The Way We Fall on YouTube.  If you haven't heard of The Battle Of Land and Sea/or heard their music = go listen to their song 1924 on their site!  I don't know what took me so long, but I finally gave a listen to Bat for Lashes via their song/video Lilies : it's gorgeous and creatively made, and is off their latest album The Haunted Man.  Oh my, look men among this mix of new : Jose Gonzalez is part of a band called JUNIP : go and listen to their song Your Life, Your Call : you'll be glad you did!  Last but not least, I just recently discovered the otherworldly music of Kine Hjeldnes via her haunting song Ghosts (Crispo Lowsun Remix) on her soundcloud : her music is just gorgeous!

So sweet! Our backyard meyer lemon tree lemoned up more juicy lemons.  I heartily use them in my delicious Ginger Brew that I bewitchingly batch up every now and again.  In cold weather I drink it hot : in hot weather I drink it cold.

Moviewise I really want to see Before Midnight (2013).  I saw Before Sunrise (1995) and Before Sunset (2004).  I really like Ethan Hawke is who originally attracted me to these movies, as I really enjoy his style of acting : Julie Delpy was brilliant as well.  I was pleasantly surprised at the poetic flow of their relationship through the two movies.  I understand they flow just as smoothly together in this movie too : which is why I must see it!

Hiccup!!! There was a very surprise ending to Dexter Season 7!!! Oh my!!! Season 8 is going to be so lasciviously good : and literally millions of people are waiting for it to start again on June 30th!  All I know is that Dexter & Deb's relationship is going to become a lot more complicated! This is the second excellent series that I've watched Michael C. Hall star in : the 1st one was Six Feet Under and I absolutely loved that show!  The enigmatic Sia brilliantly put her song Breathe Me to Six Feet Under's finale : and it's such a lovely emotive song!

While reading I discovered Drawbridge, CA : which is a ghost town on an island in the Bay Area : unfortunately it's not open to the public right now : fortunately that reason is due to restoration efforts.  I discovered it in the book The Islands of San Francisco Bay by Michael T. Lee and James A. Martin.  It is beautifully photographed throughout, I must add.

December saw the visually awesome Geminid Meteor Shower on the 13-14th...no I didn't see it in person...but it's YouTubed : go watch it : it's super sky amazing!

At the end of the month, I celebrated the coming of winter at the E Street Gallery.  It was my first time there.  I participated in their Winter Solstice Burn by ritually burning my 2013 intentions into the new year.

For the first time, I made Latkes aka Potato Pancakes for myself...and if I must say so myself, they turned out mighty tasty : for a Gentile making them.  Oy vey!!! Can't wait to make them again.

A couple days later Christmas came and went on a silent note.  All was calm : all was holy : all was filled with chocolate. As an adult, I've never really celebrated Christmas, seeing as I have no kids of my own : though I do cherish all my Christmases that I celebrated growing up!

I saw Chasing Ice at Crest Theatre with a meetup group.  It is a visually arresting docu-film that makes a compelling case for Global Warming and the disastrous global effects it's having upon our beautiful and wondrous earth.  I urge you to see it : especially if it shows near you and you can : as I do feel it's best seen on the big screen!

Oh me! Oh My! Oh Me! Surprise! Surprise! Surprise! Oh my! Oh Me! Oh My! Wild Ophelia sent me an 8-chocolate bar pack : and their 8 flavors to date are : All Natural Beef Jerky * All Natural Southern Hibiscus Peach * All Natural Salted Chowchilla Almond * All Natural New Orleans Chili * All Natural Sweet Cherry Pecan * All Natural Mount Sequoia Granola * All Natural Smokehouse BBQ Potato Chips * All Natural Peanut Butter & Banana: and they were all so very delectable.  Go find them on the shelf and try them! FYI Wild Ophelia is a chocolate sister to Vosges Haut-Chocolat : and you must try their artisan chocolate too!

On the day before New Year's Eve a new found friend took me wine tasting at the Old Sugar Mill Wineries.  A Heringer Estates wine tasting to be more specific : and every one of their wines I tasted at minimum was good!  I enjoyed the drive too, as we drove along a bit part of the lovely California Delta to get there.  I'd like to go back and hike along the California Delta Trail with a meetup group : hiking in groups is the funnest way to hike.

After the wine tasting, we went to Whole Foods on Arden Way.  I discovered an artfully packaged Recchiuti Confections chocolate bar : they have quite a few flavors that look absolutely delightful : and I must try them : they are based in my most favoritest U.S. city of all = San Francisco!  On a side note, a smaller part of me wishes there was a Whole Foods downtown : though the bigger part of me is glad there isn't so it doesn't impact the business of the Sacramento Natural Foods Co-oP : which is a long time favorite food shopping store of mine!

Oh f*ck!  New Year's Eve unfortunately came and went on an unplanned violent note! There was a shooting in Old Sacramento where the fireworks were : 2 were killed  and 3 were injured : it was real sad!  A couple was arrested, according to the news!

New Year's Day : barely a creature was stirring, barely even a mouse.Especially on these downtown streets.Even so I decided to wander around outside of my house and onto the sparsely filled streets. Silence surrounded me as I walked the streets : but that was fine, and what fit this day perfectly.

Walking around at the begin of the new year, I stumbled across The California MuseumMickey Mouse greets you at the entrance way (above pictured was my favorite one).  I must make a proper visit!  As it was closed on this day, but for some odd reason the entry/greeting desk was open.

Out of curiousity I started watching Californication via a Season 5 marathon on tv.  It's quite the fun lascivious decadent show : and I really enjoy it!  Though I must admit that David Duchovny starring in it pulled me in to check it out : I'm happy I did.  I used to watch him in the X-Files : him and Gillian Anderson were quite the odd sci-fi hot pair!

Sweetalicious! I must say that the Chocolate Hazelnut Dacquoise that I picked up from Taylor's Market is yet another baked dessert of perfection and that she bakes pure ♥ into everything she bakes!  She uses high quality Valrhona Chocolate in her baked goods : and it does make a true taste difference.


Sometime in January somehow I stumbled upon the goodreads website.  I have to say it is an excellent social networking book/reading site to be on.  Especially if you take the time to list/rate as many books that you can remember that you've read.  In fact, after listing/rating books I've read : books that I read (and somehow forgot about) came up as recommendations for me to read : how's that for good book reading recommendations for you!  My profile on goodreads is here!

While walking around my neighborhood William Land Park, I discovered the picturesque WPA Rock Garden.  I must go back there in spring : when it's all verdant and flowery!  It's such a calm and peaceful spot to sit and contemplate, read a book, and enjoy nature at the same time.

Some days when walking around to and from home and around my neighborhood and beyond, I so enjoy taking pictures of random cats that I come across who are just doing their thing. Different cats do have such differing personalities!

I finally made it back to the Crocker Art Museum.  The vast Norman Rockwell Exhibit pulled me there...and I must say it was truly worth it.  Man oh man, it really showcased the depth and breadth of his art.  FYI Crocker has a 3rd Sunday Pay-As-You-Wish every month : which is a great time to check this art museum out!

A few days later on a calm blue skied wintered day, I made the trek back to Southside Park : which I discovered on the night of the Thanksgiving Vegetarian Potluck that I attended.  It is quite a quaint park.  They will be holding an Earth Day Celebration here on Sunday, April 21st, from 11am-4pm : there will be eco-information tables, vendors, entertainment, food and fun for the whole family.  Go if you can!

I found a good sized library here in Sacramento, vis-a-vis the Sacramento Public Library at 8th & I Streets.  I found it to be aesthetically pleasing and well laid out.  They have events there as well.  Though if I need a quick library fix, I can go to the Ella K. McClatchy Library that's closer to me at 22nd & U Streets.  It's smaller in stature and size : but will definitely do.

Also while walking around I stopped in at Capitol Park.  It is a beautiful park that is well taken care of. It's mighty fine for a lovely stroll, a picnic, or sit amidst nature and contemplate.

Sweetalicious!!! ATTN: San Franciscan's chocoholics, all heads up!!! I recently discovered via internetland Chocolate Covered = a chocolate boutique located on 24th St. between Castro & Noe Street. As a bonafide chocoholic, I must visit in person, more than once!

On one of my art walks I discovered Arthouse Sacramento at 10th & R. There's quite an impressive array of fine artists here. I like it very much! In fact so much, I'll include it in every 2nd Saturday Art walk!!! You should too!!!

Valentine's Day came and went on a single note. If I haven't blogged anything about Ginger Elizabeth Chocolates, I must do so now, 'cause even if I have, they're worth a repeat. They are thee go to Sacramento chocolate store for any holiday needs requiring excellent chocolate, or on any other regular day in which your needs require excellent chocolate!

A few days later...oh! nature nature nature...how beautiful is thee. I hiked the beautiful Feather Falls with a meetup hiking group. These amazingfalls are quite the fantastic...and I had so much fun! So if you're ever in the area close to them, do visit them. There is a platform that you can walk out onto for this spectactular view, for photo ops. As well, you can trail on up to the head of the falls, and sit comfortably amidst the still rocks and flowing water. Thankfully we did on our hike!

Throwback Thursday!  Go view some blacklight bodypaint Neon Creature artistic modeling pictures Fred Hatt took of me = I'm #18 & #19.  Fred Hatt is multi-talented and also did the blacklight bodypainting on me!

Through a liked page on FaceBook I discovered Sayaka Ganz Sculptures...which is ecoart sculptures.  She coalesces her Shinto Beliefs into her art : and they are just amazing!  Check her ecoart out!

On a Second Saturday art walk, to my pleasant surprise, I stumbled across Viewpoint Photographic Art Center.  There were two simultaneous photographic exhibits going on.  The first was an expansive black and white exhibit = Don Kirby & Joan Gentry—The Anasazi Project.  The second was a lively and colorful exhibit = Jorge Santana—Cuba Today: Street Photography.  IMO it's the best photographic art gallery I've stumbled across in Sacramento.  Make sure to at least fit it into your Second Saturday art walk : and bookmark their site for any other photographic exhibitions they may have in store.  I certainly have!

March arrived and I continued on reading about the life of Anais Nin via her Diary Volume 4.  It was quite good!  Though I have found that with each progressive diary, the details of her life are not as in depth...but definitely still worth the read.  Even though her life up until the very end was an adventure : I found that when Henry Miller was in the midst of her doings, her life was the most adventurous.  For they hungrily fed off of each others creative differences!

Blasephemy!!! our neighbor cut down their backyard giving yellow grapefruit tree. The grapefruits I'd pick and eat off their tree were so succulent and delicious. It was really such a shame they cut it down, not just for me, but for them too!  I normally prefer the pink grapefruit, but fresh and ripe yellow grapefruit straight off the tree, is just as refreshingly delish!

Around mid-March I hiked the American Canyon Creek Trail with a meetup hiking group. It's located n the Auburn State Recreation area. It was absolutely fantastic...and I loved putting my feet into the river...though the water was too cold to go any further, unfortunately! I was extremely psyched that on the way out we stopped by to view the American Canyon Creek Falls, the view was definitely worth the extra hiking put in!

Oh spring, verdurous flowery spring, you finally have arrived and put winter to slumber.  Warmth will surround us, allcoldness be gone. Not that Sacramento gets all that cold in the winter, unlike freezing NYC! Though both sides of this weather coin do have their beauty, especially the wintery snow and icicles that landscape nature.

From spring to spring, throughout this past year/March 2012-13/365 days, I've been following That Tree iPhone photographic endeavor by Mark Hirsch. He is truly a talented photographer, that managed to get 365 different creative photos of this same tree. That's quite a photographic feat in and of itself!

If you're like me, and into diy natural beauty facial products, click here. There's 15 delicious recipes to help keep you looking good naturally, without the abundance of toxic ingredients that quite a few companies cram into their beauty products, even the so called all natural ones.

I finally finished my 24 chapter-a-week reading of Charles F. Haanel's The Master Key System. Was the time worth it = on all levels a resounding yes! I encourage anyone to read it who is looking to change any aspect of their life in a truly constructive way.  Click here -> to get yourself a FREE download of The Master Key System!

After putting that book down, I picked up Dragon Country by Tennessee Williams. I really do enjoy his lyrical Southern Gothic writing style. His words truly transport me to another time and place.

Easter rounded out March. It was mellow with just the right amount of chocolate for my liking. The weather was really good too, which was most excellent for all the easter egg hunters. How I did love coloring Easter Eggs throughout my childhood years.

~ Sweet is Life - Janice Marie Foote ~

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