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Autumn Poems

Autumn Birthed...
Autumn birthed from summer
Throws them to the fecund earth
As a temporal sacrificial offering
To endings bringing new beginnings

A change of season is taking place
Transitions in a time of flux
When mercurial roots connect
Slowly rips leaves from limbs
My pagan flesh to earthen longings
Pulling me deeper into myself
Pulling my hands deeper into fertile soil
To mingle with blood, sweat and tears
Creating new life to be born anew
Fallen Leaves...

My hands they touch the fertile earth
My feet they touch the retreating earth
The wind it blows leaves hither and thither
Breaking them gently from their limbs of life
As they spiral down they cry out hallelujah
To the birth of autumn and to the end of them

Below the grass blades dance amidst leaves
That have fallen beneath the sky to the earth
Where they're blown hither and thither by low winds

The sun it sits in the middle of a cloud riddled sky
Waiting patiently to rest itself behind the moon
As it sings out hallelujah to the birth of autumn

Leaves are turning
Many shades of
And many colors inbetween
The earth and autumn sky

Their edges are curling
They're ready to fall
Down below my feet
Onto hushed sidewalks

Capriciously I will step on the fallen leaves
          - C - R - U - N - C - H -
Is the sound they will make beneath my shoes
The sound that since as a child I always loved
On my way walking to and from school
Weighted down by candy and books

... JMF (c) ...

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