Janice Marie Foote's Musings

Spend your years wisely and you'll have less regrets to cash in at the end...

Dysmorphic Poems


I used to know your face
By the palm of my hand
Now you're just a memory
Carved into Vasquez Rocks
Time's hammer chiseled you
Into a face of disassociation
Where memories linger in limbo

Where did you go?
Where did I go?
Did we go anywhere?
Was there anywhere to go?
Where is anywhere?

Now you're just a faded memory
Far, far away from anywhere
So I'll borrow time's hammer
Chisel an unforgotten face
Into the memory of tomorrow
Where love is yet unrequited
And memories have yet to begin

We were like fire and dry wood
Passion burning us to ashes
Except no Phoenix arose from them
Only ashes scattering in the winds

What remained of our cinders
The exulted morning after
Were the remains of unsung lust
That weighed heavy in the air

Woodburnt smoke too dry to breathe
Collapsed lungs gasping for oxygen
Confused mouths grasping for words
As we tumbled out of a crumpled morning

Even the songbirds went silent
At the sight of us tangled up
In yet another discolored affair
Not even the remains wanted to see


Today the moon crashed into the sun
While I was off visiting neverland
The earth's rotation was disrupted
Causing my dreams to be dislodged
Spreading matter out into the universe
Where bright stars faded to black
Beneath jagged edged thoughts
That cut tension into my mind
Leaving a trail of dissolution
For me to meander down barefoot
Because somewhere I lost my shoes
While putting the earth back together
Piece by discombobulated piece
That fell from visions in my mind
Errant Breeze...

An errant breeze
Blows between us
I head north
You head south
Hot Tin Roof...

Inside her utterly animated mind
Lively emotions dance precariously
Like a black cat on a hot tin roof

As she walks through fields of bitterness
Tightly holding onto ambiguous thoughts
That may touch on his cloaked sensitivities

Sacrosanctities he keeps secretly hidden
Beneath his revered drinking jacket
While keeping time with Jack, Jim and Johnnie

Who console his wounded manly pride
As they slide down his parched throat
Keeping him from withering away at the seams

So she keeps her secret animosities well hidden
Underneath her pink parasol of silence
As she sullenly sits on a bench of regrets

Under a tender handful of weeping willows
That delicately sway God's given truth
In misbegotten words blowing her way

Where she ponders how to speak thoughts
In a charming southernly womanly way
So as not to harm his all too manly pride
Pink Plastic Skies...

You straitjacket dreamers
Pin back their souls
Medicate their minds
With pacifying pills
That come in every color
Of the candy coated rainbow

You don't try to understand
What's really going on
Inside their mosaic minds
Instead clamp electroshock
Around their fragile heads
Turning them into an army of zen

Then you send them back out
Into a less than idyllic world
With carbon copy smiles
Worn upon their placid faces
To live out xeroxed lives
Inside a carbon copied existence

Making you feel proud
For successfully employing
More Kens and Barbies
Out into the world's milieux
Making it a little less blue
Under pink plastic skies

Porch Swing...

On skyless days
You were so real
Like falling sunshine
Through splayed fingers
Grasping for hope
On days that ended
With no rising moon
In the starlit sky
Only vacillating moods
On a porch swing
That swung my heart
All the way to Mars
Leaving trails of stardust
Along the Milky Way

Skies of Forgotten Melodies...

I put you on temporary hold
You returned the favor
Put me on permanent hold
Now I'm feeling the slow burn
Of leftover regrets lost in time

Shadows pass me, I don't feel them
They slowly pass to the right
Where the sun hides in waiting
Before the cold night slowly sets in
The lunar stare eclipses my memories

Birds have abandoned their song
L.A. trees are lonely once again
Throwing branches at the sky
Revelations of forsaken Mother Earth
One last prayer for the broken hearted

Leaves fall baring live flesh underneath
Blood returns to twisted roots
Nourishing faith of the beloved
Who've never abandoned blind hope
Under skies of forgotten melodies

Smokeless Moon...

smokeless moon. circle with no ephemeral dust.

full to the visual eye. round to the visceral heart.

hushed you hang shadows
across a starlit night
compromising patterns

continents divide. oceans continuously ebb and flow.
unseen on the other side. time has no ventral movement.

stillness inside a vacuum
actions rendered motionless
words hang from a string

laconism looms. dusky thoughts are lulled to sleep.
the mind is a journal. secrets are held in abstinence.

quietude became our mantra
a circumference of silence
antiqued with browned edges

Spaceless Mindless Parasite... 

Incessant thoughts encircle my head
A merry go round of nonstop emotions
That I can't seem to step off of

Purposeless I float spaceless
Inside this dispossessed soul
That's devoid of all things living

I'm a mindless wanderer
With no thoughts of my own
Aimless I meander headless

Forever a sponging parasite
Leeching off the circuitry of vitality
Leaving others provisionally lifeless

All my sparkle has vanished
Disappeared into thin dead air
Leaving me faded beyond the pale

Like an umbrella to Amaterasu
Your words utterly insult me
Demean my female sensitivities
Under clouds of guilted emotions

Your mouth vapidly speaks untruths
Twisting thoughts inside my mind
Dulling my state of consciousness
With your bromide tainted ideas

I wish I could cease to exist
So I wouldn't have to listen
As drivel passes over your tongue
Turning astir moments into dead time

Finally I excuse my cloyed self
Exiting with an indolent apology
Before your hubristic presence
Leaves me permanently cracked

... JMF (c) ...