Janice Marie Foote's Musings

Spend your years wisely and you'll have less regrets to cash in at the end...


 snow snow everywhere
a winter white wonderland
drawn by Gaia's hand
the cold of winter
wraps tightly around my flesh
snowy owls take flight
ssshhh listen closely
hear it rest within itself
snows white peacefulness
stoic trees stand still
inside winter's calm reprieve
squirrels come out to play
white lines trail the sky
snow blankets the earth beneath
winter's last snowfall
clouds pass overhead
winter trees sway in cold winds
as warm sap rises
the remains of snow
melt slow under winter's sky
trickling down hope
once feathered with leaves
now branches twisted and bare
gleam in the moonlight
remnants of winter
frozen inside solitude
stillness becomes life
crocuses budding
hinting that spring is close by
waiting to free us
the death of winter
will birth a verdurous spring
blooming lush with life
the butterfly's free
her cocoon finally shed
spring is truly here
spring's slow seduction
ripe with sensuality
flowers erotic
cherry blossoms bloom
under spring's promising skies
hatchlings break their shells
earth below soft feet
springs forth life's beauteous gifts
tiger lilies sing

wildflowers dance

alongside the river's edge

who knows where it flows


blossoms are blooming
of the very cherry kind
beautiful they are
April's warm showers
bring May's enticing flowers
under spring's vast skies

bees clamor above
dahlias pink with passion
sweet nectar awaits
the passing of spring
fills the air with summer pure
free from prejudice
summer floating by
on June clouds of evermore
dreams slip inside minds

flowers of summer
kaleidoscope of colors

spinning me dizzy


clouds etched with moisture
stitched onto a summer sky
shades of white and grey

field of sunflowers
endless under August skies
greet the rising sun
sky blue evermore
eternal summer is there
where the heavens lie

breezes blow calm thoughts
as the smiling sunflowers
dance with marigolds

autumn's peaking in
through cracks in summers veneer
my eyes look westward

summer flowers fade
crispness permeates the air
leaves turn to autumn

green leaves dangling
they shudder at fall's coming
under calm blue skies
leaves dance on the wind
as sunlight traces their shapes
under autumn's sky

remnants of summer
hang calmly in the night sky
leaves sigh a last breath
fireflies in flight
circle dahlias in bloom
autumn's unfolding
blue skies have turned gray
autumn leaves cleave to branches
stillness surrounds us
leaves turning colors
brilliant shades of reds, golds, browns
autumn's fingerprint
clouds gather over
sunflowers close their faces
fall skies will rain peace
lithe delicate leaves
bear breakage in autumn's breeze
how tender their lives
morning's taking root
hungry birds forage at dawn
leaves quietly fall
the sun's hint of hope
breaking through autumn's grey skies
brings touches of warmth
birds chirp autumn's song
at the waking of the day
amidst falling leaves
leaves quietly yield
to the coming of their end
silently they fall
winter's creeping in
stealing away autumn's leaves
trees stand half naked
silhouettes of trees
shaped by the light of the moon
sway in night's breezes
leaves curled on their sides
composting into the earth
their cycle of life
nature cocooning
returning into the earth
where all lost is found
winter's encroachment
coldness settles into bones
autumn days pass by
autumn takes a bow
exits on a spinning leaf
maple golden brown
... JMF (c) ...

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