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Love Poems

Love is...  Love just is...

Love is the birth of a new life
  *creation evermore*
- so precious, so loving
Love is the flowers that bloom in spring
- so colorful, so beautiful
Love is as vast as the blue sky above us
- so endless, so open
Love is like the branches of a tree
- always reaching, reaching always

Love is in the living of life
  *being evermore*
- so joyful, so playful
Love is the hand that reaches out to you
- pull me up, lift me up
Love is the eyes that see beyond the flesh
- beautiful soul, wondrous spirit
Love is the embrace that warms your soul
- so loved, so cherished

Love is in the real, not in the abstract
  *loving evermore*
- so solid, so full
Love is a seeker and a finder
- seek me, find me
Love is a giver, not a taker
- so generous, so giving
Love is the gift that you did not ask for
- so needed, so appreciated

Love is freeing, not caging
    *living evermore*
- fly free, fly free, fly free
Love is the feeling that gives us peace
- so freeing, so loving
Love is the dance that frees us
- to become you, to become me
Love is us in our most natural state of being
- so open, so peaceful

Love is in the dying and setting our soul free
      *eternal evermore*
- return, return, return home

Love is...  Love just is...

I'm so tired I can't find sleep
So tired of life's complications
Bound up in love's hesitations
Living inside yesterday's lies
That are dying under empty skies

I just want to get back to real
With my flesh upon the earth
Tiger lilies dancing in my dreams
My hands upon your beating heart
Breathing in love's mellifluous breezes

So won't you come dance with me
Inside fields of endless laughter
Our eyes staring at passing clouds
Shaped like fluffy bunnies and birds
Who only know funny little words

I promise to you that we will never
Get trapped inside a lifeless photograph
That will keep us everyday the same
Forgetting to eat when we're hungry
Or remembering the taste of chocolate

So come wild eyed take a chance on me
I promise your heart won't regret
I know that our love won't forget
The taste of dreams upon our tongues
Sweet like honey in the summertime
The Wind...

Your touch is like the wind
Caresses my flesh and disappears
Only to pass by when least expected

In the sun
I feel the warmth of your face
In the moon
I feel the passion of your soul

When the wind passes through me
My flesh dissapears inside your caress
Only to return when least expected

In the sun
I hear echoes of your laughter
In the moon
I hear the night call me to you

Soon the wind will blow through me
As your caress slides across my flesh
Only to pleasure all that is expected

In the sun
I see your smile ablaze with life
In the moon
I see your eyes search for truth
~ To My Dearest Love ~

Forever love will shine within thine own eyes as they look upon you
For my fingertips will never touch upon immortal love as I have for thee
Even a thousand kisses could never replace the three between us
For in your eyes swims creativity born unto thy mortal soul
For in your smile swims beauty born unto thy mortal soul
For a thousand years could never replace eternity without you
Even when the flowers fade and Spring comes to its glorious end
For this love in my heart will bring them back with beauteous life
Forever love will shine within thine own heart as it loves only you
Your Back...

The sun is hidden beneath the snow
Leaves dance beneath the bark
Fingers stretch and reach for the sun
Gaia's womb is giving birth to spring
Through all this my love has your back

... JMF (c) ...

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