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Palate Poems

Rain and Chocolate...

The Summer rain falls upon my skin
- moist, wet, delicious -
Mouth wide open I drink the rain
It drowns my unquenched thirst

Now off to satisfy my insatiable hunger
Ahhhhhhhh the bourgeois of Dean & Deluca
The home of delectable chocolate bars
Dressed so prettily in dainty little wrappers

Slowly I walk in, my sandals soaked
- squish, squish, squish, squish -
All around everyone can hear me
Even my drenched bones ring out rain

Alas my eyes spy the dark lovelies
The much coveted chocolate bars
Which one will meet its ultimate demise
- milk chocolate dark chocolate bittersweet chocolate -

Oh yes, bittersweet will certainly do
To dessicate my aqueous state
Oh yes, its ardent bittersweet taste
Calls out to me to wholly devour it

To eat it in slow sweet chocolate time
Oh how this delicious bittersweet fantasy
Takes me back to two of my dearest loves
And far away from my ever present reality

Mmmmmm, rain and chocolate
- two of my favorite things -
Mmmmmm, rain and chocolate
- one wet, both sweet -
Sweet Sweet Tangerine...

My bowl is filled to
.... the brim ......
A veritable orange
.... delight .....
Of sweet sweet tangerine

Imbued with flavor they are
........ overflowing ......
Sitting there so innocently
...... just waiting .......
To be eaten inside and out

How my eyes behold them
... with pure desire ..
Knowing how delectable
.... they will be ....
On my lascivious tongue

Oh how soft they are
..... to chew ......
Sending tiny bursts
..... of juice ....
Flying around my mouth

When I bite so delicately
....... into them .......
Juices roll down my throat
... so juicy so sweet ....
Mother Nature's candy treat

... JMF (c) ...

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