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Spend your years wisely and you'll have less regrets to cash in at the end...

Poignant Poems

Alternate Realities...

Meditate to celebrate the wonders of your mind
Contort your body to create lucid ways to find
Alternate realities to the constant medium
While maintaining equilibrium inside dualities
Between the axiom of the real and the unreal
Diaphanous Egos...

Beyond the soundless sound
Underneath the earthless ground
There are no real roads to pave
So reach inside your soul's cave
Release the inner slave
So our egos can dissolve
Into love as peaceful as a dove

What are we
But a mere reflection
Of what we cannot see
A drop in the river of impermanence
With nothing left to grasp for
When our body is at death's door

So after wandering through life with purpose
Setting goals for no apparent reason
We will finally know where to look
When we're through with the book
Showing the way beyond the mind's play
Remind Me...

Would you remind me
That each day I am living
.....I am also dying......
So that when I think about dying
I will remember to be fully living
These days coming at me one by one
Instead of living in a projected future
.....That is not yet here.....

Drifting in and out of silence
Waves of calm wash over me
Buddha dancing with thoughts

Zen koans drop from the calm sky
The candle is burning at both ends
Ennui dissipating soul stops hesitating

Life's endless road expands before me
I melt away into submissive emptiness
Retreat into the inner sanctum of silence

Time's Hands...

Time's hands have delicately unlaced the corset
That has been cinching the waist of my existence

They've removed the trap my breath was caught in
That kept me from knowing the true essence of life

I'm not going to live inside hesitation anymore

I'm moving beyond a life of barely breathing
My lungs are expanding out into the universe

Time's hands have extricated the pain inside my heart
That has kept me lonely under gray mourning skies

They've removed the hurt that was a burden in my hands
That tore my intimate relationships into tiny little pieces

I'm not going to live inside isolation anymore

I'm going to love open and free in the wilds of the woods
With a mellifluous heart that's not bound by life's taboos

Time's hands have pried open my impermeable mind
That has been hibernating inside comfort far too long

They've removed phrenic layers of apprehension
That have cursed my restless thoughts with anxiety

I'm not going to live inside procrastination anymore

I'm going to let my mind travel to Seseine's realms
Let it drink in the gratification of life's divine temptations

Time's hands have pierced my visions of tomorrow
That have been locked inside my dreaming eye

They've removed the veil of illusions blinding me
That kept me from seeing beyond today's fears

I'm not going to live inside oblivion anymore

I'm going to move beyond yesterday's seclusion
With guidance from my inner 3rd eye divination

Time's hands have freed my imprisoned soul
That has been caged inside a lifeless existence

They've removed the chains that bound me to my past
That kept me from seeing the sun rise over the moon

I'm not going to live inside dissolution anymore

I'm going to dance with the muses until the end of time
Under endless skies of creativity that I hold in my hand
Standing at the edge of a cliff
I wonder should I jump headlong
Into the great abyss of the unknown
.....That stands before me.....
Or should I stand staring into this timeless turning
Wondering which direction to walk in
Knowing what's in the past, what's in the present
.....While hoping for what's in the future.....

... JMF (c) ...

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