Janice Marie Foote's Musings

Spend your years wisely and you'll have less regrets to cash in at the end...


a pendulum swings
with a delicate balance
to keep time at ease
winter boots walking
through streets of fresh fallen snow
trees stand stark naked
raw emotions bared
exposed by my words of love
once hidden by fear
snow beneath my feet
walking through nature's silence
calm comes over me
oh Aphrodite
abandoned by my lover
I'm alone today
inside winds knowing
under skies that are snowing
my feet are slowing
silence fills my heart
where cacophony once was
the voice has been shut
last night's fallen snow
so pure so white so fluffy
let's make snow angels
alone expansive
skies hold the sun in the east
my soul seeks the west
cold cleaves to our skin
as we walk down silent streets
souls clinging to hope
yesterdays mornings
lie still in this evening's mind
timeless moments pass
oh sweet birds of thee
who suffer winter with us
thank you for your song
deep dark chocolate
coursing through my ardent veins
how sweet you do taste


waves lap away time
at the shores of forgiveness
where we're connected
spring is in the air
it's so close I can touch it
with my vernal hands
mind as colored sand
paints a mandala within
wisdom inherent
oh songbirds of spring
who've returned to my window
sing my soul to sleep
nature's scenery
life's visual poetry
there to inspire
petals oh so soft
under my pink fingertips
spring's coming alive
exist peacefully
seems almost impossible
amidst futile wars
true peace is knowing
that all my thoughts are slowing
with spring winds blowing
the song birds of thee
today are singing to me
a spring melody
weaving in and out
ribbons binding intentions
we dance the Maypole
the endless blue skies
fill my soul with happiness
even daisies dance
diamond mind Buddha
oh benevolent being
enlighten our thoughts
lyrics pause and breathe
music slips inside cadence
a new song is born
born from Buddha's tears
Quan Yin sits on a lotus
compassion she cries
summer's sneaking in
between warm days and cool nights
let's do the hustle
stars blinded by sun
skies expanding into blue
wishes holding dreams
bare feet dance wild
flowers kiss crazy colors
summer has begun
a broken tree cut
brings no shade to the weary
then what good is it

lit beneath the moon
I swim in a sea of stars
eyes aglow with dreams

jasmine scented days
caught inside my August throat
swallowing down hope


slip inside the moon
gather stars with wishing hands
dream them back to earth

summer nights fading
autumn bound feet slowing down
our minds turn inward
crossing Central Park
a dead bird lay in my path
how fragile life is
summer's almost gone
soon we'll walk on autumn's shores
souls unencumbered
songbirds morning cries
sound over car wheels droning
down the lost highways
emerge from the earth
autumnal limbs open wide
love falling like leaves

rainy days falling
onto sidewalks below feet
umbrellas float by
leaves beneath my feet
blow freely in autumn winds
I follow behind
mind stretched across time
sand slips through the hourglass
unaware of us
sun sets over shores
bare feet walk on autumn sands
sky lead me forward
Halloween is near
almost time to trick or treat
dressed incognito
night winds they blow soft
under new moon waxing full
cats slink down alleys
Halloween is here
tonight kids score sweet candy
begging door to door
sky clouds break open
droplets fall upon the earth
hands reach to catch them

like a shelled tortoise
I retreat into myself
peace is what I seek
autumn crocus blooms
scape my tethered soul with joy
the birds they sing on
city and nature
split by a dividing line
on the horizon

... JMF (c) ...

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