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Janice Marie Foote's Musings

Spend your years wisely and you'll have less regrets to cash in at the end...


A Poet's Pen...

A poet's pen sincerely holds her untold thoughts
While paper waits for a poem to be born onto it
Through her words that impregnate her mind in lots
Of pieces and puzzles that don't seem to quite fit
Where's the perfect arrangement that she held in her mind
When she first took thought of writing her pensive poem
That would be her masterpiece of the most ingenious kind
If only her wandering thoughts wouldn't constantly roam
Alas she would be done with this awesome task at hand
Then her mind would be free of times built up worry
Of watching the hourglass pass another month of sand
Or of writing it carelessly in too much of a hurry
     'Tis a shame for one to think that one day she'd die
     Without a poetic magnum opus that'd make people sigh
Divine Way to Enjoy Thine...

Doth has many times over generously given to me
Thee orally divine way to delicously enjoy thine
So with beauteous favor I return pleasure to thee
That your sublime tongue lends completely to mine
To ensure we make sweet in each other's oral vial
Whilst taking wanton ransom of my begging soul
Making sure it will be surely worth our while
For your gifting tongue doth please my whole
But soon my lips will miss your lyrical sighs
That you capriciously sing sweetly down below
Sighs that are sung pleasingly between my thighs
Sighs that are satisfying for my ears to know
      Oh doth has given such unending joy to me
      With a beguiling tongue that has set me free
I Am a Solemn Daughter...

I am a solemn daughter who lives by the light of the Moon
As I have walked in Her shadows since time was at it's begin
For She generously grants me my most high spiritual boons
As She passes Her lunic cycle from New to Full to New again
Sure She waxes and She wanes, but Her love is never feigned
As I walk in Her darkened corridors of hidden mysteries at night
Where She is the ruler of time's cycle when Her light doth reign
After Her fair Brother exits and is completely out of eye's sight
For this is Her witching hour when She will remove my 7th veil
For this is Her beauteous hour when She will become my lover
For this is Her fading hour when I become a whiter shade of pale
After the many capricious hours that I spent with Her fair Brother
     Oh Luna, forever devoted I am yours as You are eternally mine
     Within Your lunar cycle without begin or end in the cosmic divine
Lying Demurely on the Shelf...

Lying demurely on the shelf dressed in gold foil
Doth has stolen my unguarded heart from afar
With sweetness that will put my mind in a toil
Maybe even my health's course you may mar
Though I shall choose to indulge in you anyways
Let your dark chocolate covered caramel nougat
Take consequences upon me much later in this day
But for now these useless thoughts I shall forget
Instead I will eat you on my own sweet time
Whilst I sit on my behind letting my mind ponder
Your utter sensuality that is perfectly sublime
As my pleasant thoughts capriciously wander
     For this night you and my tongue shall meet
     So it can taste your sweet decadent treat
Naked in the Rain...

Naked in the rain under Tefnut's open space
Her tears cry over me renewing my spirit
As they coolingly run down my luminous face
Over my breast down to where my love sits
Oh, I have become the Goddess of Rain's whore
A slave to Her inviting lush green below
That commands me to stand nor sit no more
But rather lie down under Her wet flow
With my defeated legs spread open wide
That will drink in Her luscious moist cool
As it flows down my more beauteous side
Transforming me into Her mere musing fool
     Oh rain, sweet rain pour down upon thee
     Doth's fair truth does truly amaze me
'Tis an Ode...

'Tis an ode to a true love as sweet as thee
As sweet as the scent of Summer jasmine
As sweet as the taste of thy love's honey
A love as sweet as it was in its begin
'Tis an ode to a true love as pure as thee
As pure as a beauteous maiden in springtime
As pure as Hera's summer white moon lily
A love as pure as truths memories sublime
'Tis an ode to a pure love as true as thee
As true as heaven's sky above me is blue
As true as the earth is green beneath me
A love as true now as when it was brand new
     'Tis an ode to love's vows thee has taken
     On sacred ground that shan't be forsaken

... JMF (c) ...