Janice Marie Foote's Musings

Spend your years wisely and you'll have less regrets to cash in at the end...


grow me a black rose
under the pale moonlit sky
so that in the night
I can fully disappear
into her still black beauty

look out your window
snowflakes dance upon the wind
dance towards the ground
creating a calm haven
where we rest into ourselves
nature's moist wet cold
freezes into icicles
lucid sculptured art
that are delicate beauties
to the mind's creative eye
curvular trees bent
reaching way up overhead
touching the sky's edge
bending down to touch the ground
praying to Mother Gaia

sweet fondant flowers
bloom from the earth's green icing
cotton candy clouds
are chased by laughing children
through the never-ending fields

serotinal days
pass beneath my fingertips
summer leaves behind
blue skies full of memories
carried within passing clouds
the sky is falling
in the form of water drops
I'm getting all wet
my umbrella has left me
when surely I need it most
mid-November day
leaves dancing above my thoughts
earth steady below
my feet walk me towards you
where my heart has always been

... JMF (c) ...