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Janice Marie Foote's Musings

Spend your years wisely and you'll have less regrets to cash in at the end...

Wanton Poems

Burnt Umber Lips...

Burnt umber lips
Blow heart shaped smoke rings
Under cupid's arrow

Lust hangs off collarbones
Time divides momentary space
Anticipation hangs in the air

The room we enter is quite familiar
So is your cheshire smile that I love
It hides well your mischievousness

Now come closer, walk towards me
Dive your jasmine tongue
Down my parched throat

Let fingers crawl across flesh
Like spiders catching prey
In our intricate web of passion

Trace orgasms out of my existence
Presently raw, stripped and naked
Bones will reveal what flesh won't

Now come closer, press your flesh
Up against my acquiescent flesh
Until there is no space between us

Just breathe and peel back my flesh
Eyes will see desire coursing through my veins
That even the blind can read without braille
When silence is left isolated and spoken

'Cause your hands cannot take that which was given
But my lust for you can lend what was taken
When unspoken promises are misunderstood
From the truth of what was needed in the moment

Yet our mouths they speak words
That only the muses can understand
When the last exhale of desire is spent
In the future in the past in the present

Touch me
Touch me upon my skin
Touch me with your soft, sensual fingertips
Make my skin dance with pure pleasure

Trace me
Trace me out of the colors of your imagination
Trace me until there is no line left undrawn between us
No line in the space between where you and I exist

Feel me
Feel me feel you as we feel each other
Feel each other with our hot burning skin touching
Until our bodies meld into one ecstatic existence

See me
See me as I stand naked before you
See me with all my fantasies exposed for you to see
Exposed for you to tend to with your hidden desires

Hear me
Hear me breathe deeply into your sex
Hear me breathe so deeply it penetrates your being
Until our breaths simultaneously breathe as one

Taste me
Taste me full bodied and flavored
Taste me flavored with all of passion's seasoned spices
Seasoned just right so you can enjoy my taste's delight

Eat me
Eat me as you would a soft succulent peach
Eat me as you savor my juicy erotic sweet flavors
As my sweetness drips onto the tip of your tongue

Drink me
Drink me as I drink you
As we drink each other mouths swallowing whole
Drinking in each others mind body and soul

With lust at my back
I crawl through the night
Knowing I will barely
Make it to morning
With my equilibrium intact

My body's insane
Or is it my mind
I cannot tell the difference
In this state of being
So I ask of you my love
Will you give to me
What will be freeing

So that when I reach
For what is not there
My hands will not come back empty

Empty of flesh
Empty of sex
Empty of you
Erotic Trip...
On our erotic trip
We'll be shootin' from the hip
Lettin' our minds slip
Onto lust's ship
Where passions will rip
As our juices drip
With our bodies movin' in time
To the crack of a whip
As we lose track
Of all reason and rhyme
Illicit Crush...

Poignant mind
Delicate sensibilities
Kissable lips
Haunt my existence

And this illicit crush
Of mine
Is crushin' me
Into this green earth

Cupid's arrow (mis)shot
Lust's prey of heart
Preys on my thoughts
These illicit prayers
They're all I've got

Even inside my dreams
Where your beauty astounds
Delicately unreachable
Sensually untouchable


Illiterate Attraction

I am the wild ocean
To your placid shores
Ebbing and flowing
Passion over your flesh
Seemingly at will

Why must I be
The fruit of the sea
That you need to consume

Not once, not twice
Even more than thrice

Your unfulfilled want of me 
Is maddening your mind
Of the Mad Hatter kind
Spinning your wills in circles
Leaving you left of center

Abandoned in territory
Unfamiliar to your libido
You wander aimlessly in
Uncommon states of being
Flailing to understand me

You search for any answers
In unread books, unturned pages
To the who's, what's and why's
Of your illiterate attraction
To this unanswerable desire

Failing to understand
The common denominator
Is mutual untamed passion
Lying between flesh and bone
Coursing through dilated veins


encased in libido
bound by desire
crush me until
I can't breathe
Oh Honey...

Oh honey, bee good to me
Drip your sweet substance all over
Let your raw liquid slide down my throat
Moisten my flower with your joy juice elixir
Come mix your passion into our erotic endeavor

Oh honey, bee good to me
Satisfy my endless insatiable appetite
Fill me with your aphrodisiacal delight
Cook it up nice n' hot in my sweet honey pot
Come give me somethin' the others ain't got

Oh honey, bee good to me
Fill me fully with your oral treasure
Give me your total undivided pleasure
Infuse me with your liquid delight
Come put your sweet into my treat

Oh honey, bee good to me
Slip your joy into my sex taste
Spill your nectar into my mouth
Make my juices flow just right
Elevate me beyond orgasmic sight
Raw Love...

I would love to rip you apart
    Tear out your heart
       Hold it in my hand
          Kiss it with my lips
             Place it back in
                To show to you
                   How much I do
                       Love you
Separation of Us...

Love is a blind path
That only fools tread
Inbetween passionate kisses
That tear open our souls
Revealing inner flaws
Normally obscured by flesh

Alas heartache after heartache
We return with a vengeance
To prove to ourselves
That this present love
Is our one true love

Even as it's going down in flames
Desire coursing through our veins
Burning up all hidden truths
That lie inbetween earth and sky
Revealing the separation of us
Sweet Sweet Kisses...

I remember your kisses
So sweet like tupelo honey

So sweet that when our lips met
They dripped down my mouth
As slow as molasses
As satiating as sugar

Oooooh those kisses of yours
They were so mind bending
That they caused the universe
To explode inside my soul

Oooooh those kisses of yours
I sure do wish they were mine again
'Cause those kisses of yours
Could bend me in half at the knees

Oooooh those kisses of yours
Stirred up such a passion inside me
That even a twirling tornado couldn't compare
My how those kisses of yours surely could please

Damn I miss your kisses
Sweek like tupelo honey
The Rose...
I was bestowed with a rose tonight
Not you, but instead a red delight
With smooth petals that slide between fingers
Where I want your ecstasy to linger

Linger as my fingers slowly travel
Travel further down the stem
Down to where I feel a slight rise
A slight rise in my temperature
As the petals glide over my
... velvet crushed flesh ...

Ouch... a thorn...
The part of the rose that does not care
For it pierced my skin
Like that time you touched me when
And it does not care you are not there
As I walk home in the wind
To where you are not there
Not there to take the dare

The dare... the rose knew...
Was that I wanted to taste you
But that was impossible
So I substituted the rose for you

The rose... with lush petals...
One by one I ate them all
Slowly at my leisure
One by one I ate them all
For you I do treasure

Treasure more than the rose
The rose that was with me
The rose that laid silently across my thigh
Whispering into my sex a sweet sigh

... JMF (c) ...