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Winter Poems

Winter's First Snowfall...

I stand at my windowsill
Gazing ecstatically upon
Winter's first snowfall
Nature's true Winter call
Oh what tremendous joy
My heart does feel
As I say blessed be to that
Which brings us such beauty

So I put on my coat
Step dizzily outside
Raise up my hands
Spin round and round
Watch the snow fall
Down to the ground

As it falls down
I try to see each flake
Since they are like us
All very different
But equally the same
Winter's Icicles...

I gaze in amazement
At the delicate icicles
Hanging from the trees
Glistening with lucid life

For one brief moment
I am suspended in time
Able to let go of my strife
By seeing how they dazzle
With unknowable wisdom
Of being able to just be

As I look more deeply
My eyes wondrously see
The full moon catching them
At just the right angle
With just enough light
To give me a new view
Of how beautiful Winter is
By letting go of what is untrue
Winter Trees...

My eyes spy unclothed trees
Inbetween their long, lithesome branches
That reveal bare, beautiful curves

A Winter Warm...

Mornings crawl slower to warmth
Upon mortal waking dusk to dawn
Shards of light cut slivered patterns
Bleeding marrow of the wintered sun

...crocuses bloom tethered promises...

Days yield to temperate moods
Underneath the vacillating sun
Warm breaths exhale south
Sighing an ecstatic midday swoon

...madrones shed layered tendencies...

Nights become harbingers of hope
Uplifting the multifaceted moon
Darkness falls upon those in wait
Living calm inside a winter warm

...robins swallow sorrowed songs...

Spring soon will roll out deeper verdancy
Unfaltering with no euphoric afterwake
Rather a circular breeze of passing
Filling the air with vernal tenderness

... JMF (c) ...



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